Key Points
Completion Time:
~1 Hour
Heart Container or Stamina Vessel
Bargainer Statue Unlock

In The Legend of Zelda: TOTK ‘A Call From the Depths’ quest, Link is set the task of finding all 4 missing eyes on the Great Abandoned Central Mine’s Bargainer Statue.

Here’s where to find each one and how to return it to its owner.

Starting A Call From the Depths Quest

There are two ways to begin ‘A Call From the Depths’ quest.

Link can either pray to the Goddess Statue in the Temple of Time (Coordinates: -0819, -2003, 0116) on the Great Plateau, or he can encounter the eye-less Bargainer Statue in the Great Abandoned Central Mine.

Temple of Time Zelda TOTK

After talking to the Temple of Time Statue, Link will be told that someone is trapped under the water of the Great Plateau.

By destroying the stone blockage shown below (Coordinates: -0579, 1517, 0019) , you’ll find a statue head that will guide you back to the Temple of Time and give you the quest.

Trapped Under the Water of the Great Plateau Location Zelda TOTK

Alternatively, since you’ll be heading to the Great Abandoned Central Mine to unlock the Autobuild skill, you may want to begin this side adventure while you’re there!

Either way, this quest can be started immediately, with no prerequisites besides finishing the Prologue. Now, let’s get onto finding the Bargainer Statue eyes!

Where to Find Bargainer Statue Eyes in A Call From the Depths – Zelda TOTK

Each of the 4 missing Bargainer Statue eyes can be found immediately beside the 4 Chasms on the Great Plateau.

Here’s where each one is waiting and how you can get it back to the Bargainer Statue in The Depths.

All 4 Bargainer Eye Locations 'A Call From the Depths' Zelda TOTK

Note: These eyes can be collected and returned in any order.

Eye #1 – Great Plateau North Chasm
Coordinates: (-0677, -1541, -0067)

The Great Plateau North Chasm is situated next to a small body of water. Inside, you’ll be able to see one of the missing eyes.

First Bargainer Eye Location Zelda TOTK

Grab it with Ultrahand and drop it into the Chasm before jumping in after it. You should find the eye waiting at the bottom for you.

Light up the area with Brightbloom Seeds if you haven’t already found this area’s Lightroot and you’ll notice that there are some building supplies nearby.

Driving the Bargainer Statue Eye

While you could simply carry the Bargainer Statue eye, it’d be easier to construct a vehicle to transport it.

Make sure to stick the eye to your new vehicle and you can ride it directly south to the Great Abandoned Central Mine by following the lights ahead of you.

Returning the Eye in A Call From the Depths Zelda TOTK

Once there, grab the eye once more with Ultrahand and head downstairs to the Bargainer Statue. Rotate the eye until it fits into once of the available sockets and you’ve successfully recovered your first eye!

1st Bargainer Eye Returned Tears of the Kingdom

Eye #2 – Great Plateau East Chasm
Coordinates: (-0471, -1992, 0072)

The second eye is waiting under a pile of rocks near the Great Plateau East Chasm. To find it, simply smash the rocks with a weapon that’s fused with a stone, or blow up the debris with a bomb.

Where to Find Second Bargainer Statue Eye Zelda TOTK

Pick up the eye and toss it down the Chasm before following it down yourself.

Great Plateau East Chasm Bargainer Eye

Once again, you’ll find the eye at the bottom, beside a selection of vehicle parts. This time, you’ll want to attach a fan to the back of a minecart and place the eye inside.

Riding the Minecart Back to Great Abandoned Central Mine Zelda TOTK

Then, place the minecart on the nearby rails, be sure to get in yourself, and hit the fan to start it up. The rails will take you all the way to the Great Abandoned Central Mine.

Return the Second Bargainer Statue Eye A Call From the Depths

From there, it’s as simple as taking the eye from the cart to the Bargainer Statue and placing it in another socket.

Just like that, your quest is halfway complete!

2 Bargainer Statue Eyes Returned Tears of the Kingdom

Eye #3 – Great Plateau South Chasm
Coordinates: (-0847, -2326, 0168)

The third Bargainer Statue eye is under a large rock beside the Great Plateau South Chasm. Simply use Recall or Ultrahand to move the rock aside.

Where to find the 3rd Bargainer Eye Statue in Zelda TOTK

Take the eye from underneath and toss it into the South Chasm before jumping after it.

Toss Eye into South Chasm Zelda TOTK

Pick up the eye in The Depths and walk it up the staircase beside it. There, you’ll want to put together a flying machine by combining a Zonai Wing with several fans and a steering wheel.

We’d recommend adding batteries too, to ensure you have enough power. And then, of course, attach the eye to your new flying vehicle before hopping aboard.

Make a Flying Machine 'A Call From the Depths' TOTK

Place your contraption on the Zonai Wing launch rail to help take off, then fly north to the Great Abandoned Central Mine.

You know the drill, get the eye to the Bargainer Statue and then there’s just one more left to find.

Return the 3rd Eye Bargainer Poe Statue Zelda TOTK

Eye #4 – Great Plateau West Chasm
Coordinates: (-1435, -1962, 0232)

Near the peak of Mount Hylia lies the final Bargainer Statue eye in TOTK’s ‘A Call From the Depths’ quest. This one is found frozen in some ice directly beside the Great Plateau West Chasm.

Where to Find 4th Bargainer Statue Eye in Zelda TOTK

To free the eye from its icy prison, Link can do one of the following things:

  • Drop Wood and strike Flint next to it with a metal weapon.
  • Fuse a Ruby or other fire-infused item to your sword or shield.
  • Throw a Fire Fruit at the ice.
  • Use a Flame Emitter Zonai Device.
  • Or find any other way to generate heat beside the ice.
Throw the 4th Eye in the Chasm - Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Once the eye is free, throw it into the Chasm and follow it down, one last time.

Take the eye over to the nearby elevator and hit the fans to start it up.

Use the Elevator A Call From the Depths Zelda TOTK

From there, place the Bargainer Statue eye inside the ready-made minecart that’s waiting for you, complete with a fan, battery, and light. Place it on the tracks beside it and ride the minecart to its final destination.

Use the Minecart in A Call From the Depths Quest

There, you’ll need to get out – with the eye – and make yourself another minecart from the materials provided. Or, you could simply use the one you came in!

Return the 4th Eye to Bargainer Statue

Place your minecart on the next set of rails and you’ll be able to ride it all the way to the Great Abandoned Central Mine.

Now, place the final eye in the final socket and FINALLY you’re done with A Call From the Depths in Zelda: TOTK!

All Rewards in A Call From the Depths Quest – Zelda TOTK

Once you’ve collected all 4 eyes for the Bargainer Statue in A Call From the Depths in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll receive your choice of a Heart Container or Stamina Vessel.

A Call From the Depths Reward Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Make sure you know whether you should prioritize health or stamina in Zelda: TOTK!

In addition, you’ll also now be able to finally register the 7th Bargainer Statue as ‘found’. If this is your final Bargainer Statue, you’ll now have the ability to purchase the Tunic of Memories – Link’s old armor from Breath of the Wild!

If you haven’t already found all the other Statues, here are all the other Bargainer Statue locations in TOTK! Don’t worry, this was by far the hardest one to unlock.

Be sure you track them all down, as they’re the only way to get both the Dark Link and The Depths armor in Tears of the Kingdom.

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