A brand-new 1.2.0 update for The Legend of Zelda: TOTK is here, and fans of the item duplication glitch are desperate to see if their favorite exploit is patched.

If you’ve been making frequent trips to Tobio’s Hollow Chasm, we’re certain you’re not just there for easy access to the Construct Factory.

Chances are, you’ve been taking advantage of the dupe trick that has Link able to duplicate any item a hundred times over in just a few minutes.

But now that a new update for TOTK is here, does that trick still work?

Duplicated Diamonds in TOTK

Does the Tobio’s Hollow Chasm Item Duplication Trick Work in Zelda TOTK 1.2.0?

No, players will no longer be able to take advantage of the item dupe location in Tobio’s Hollow Chasm in Zelda TOTK – as the 1.2.0 update has patched out the exploit completely!

If you’re still running a previous version of the game, you may want to NOT update to 1.2.0 – or duplicate everything you need before installing the latest patch.

However, there’s a new easy item dupe trick in Tears of the Kingdom version 1.2.0 here!

The full Tears of the Kingdom v1.2.0 patch notes contain the ominous line:

“Several issues have been addressed to improve the gameplay experience.”

And as soon as we read that, we knew that Nintendo had pulled a fast one on the players. Previously the developer patched the incredibly easy dupe method that had players drop items while in the air to duplicate them.

Zelda in Tears of the Kingdom

And at the time, the developer included the following line in its patch notes:

“Made other, additional fixes to allow for a more pleasing gameplay experience.”

It seems that Nintendo will never admit outright that there’s a duplication glitch, but it’ll always quietly fix them in the background.

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