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Zelda BOTW 2 May Be Switch Pro’s Primary Launch Title

New games consoles, or updates to existing consoles, often benefit from one or two killer launch titles that help propel the system’s pre-order sales. Nintendo is clearly planning an update to the Nintendo Switch, and they may have at least one killer launch title in mind; Zelda.

The first Nintendo Switch had a very successful launch and has continued to sell well ever since. Nintendo’s own first-party library of games helped facilitate this, but there was one game in particular.

This was obviously Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which was the Nintendo Switch console’s star attraction—despite it also getting released on the soon to be obsolete Wii U.

As a Nintendo exclusive series, Zelda has often been one of the jewels in the company’s crown. Breath of the Wild was the biggest (and in some people’s view the best) Zelda game ever made.

Nintendo Switch Pro : 2 Concept Featured Image

It was certainly the most ambitious. Offering a gigantic and vibrant open world that redefined how sandbox games should play. It joined Skyrim, The Witcher 3, Red Dead, and GTA in pushing the open-world envelope.

Breath of the Wild 2 On Switch Pro?

As the PS5 and Xbox Series X draw near, Nintendo will be keen to get a slice of the action. We know now beyond all reasonable doubt that a 4K upgrade to the Nintendo Switch exists somewhere behind closed doors.

Every week or so, a new rumor arrives, each as plausible as the last, and it seems that the Switch Pro and the next Zelda game are on a collision course.

Breath of the Wild 2 is in development, and it makes sense for Nintendo to release it as a launch title for the Nintendo Switch Pro. The Switch Pro (not the final name) isn’t a replacement to the Switch; all signs point to it being an upgrade, joining the ‘family’ of Switch consoles.

This would also allow existing Switch owners to enjoy the game but allowing Nintendo to use the title as a springboard for the new design. After all, every console needs a system selling killer launch title.

Zelda's 35 Year Anniversary in 2021

It's also worth pointing out that Zelda has a big anniversary coming in 2021. The series will be celebrating 35 years as a Nintendo franchise.

Therefore you can bet your bottom dollar there will be celebrations in order. What better celebration could there be than a new console and brand new Zelda title?

But not any old console, but the upgrade to Nintendo's supremely successful Switch? Followed by a sequel to that console's most popular game? This stuff just writes itself.

Nintendo is remaining tight-lipped about the Switch Pro and equally coy about Breath of the Wild 2. We know both exist, but Nintendo seems to be biding their time.

This is sensible, and Nintendo is likely waiting for the PS5/Xbox hype to die down before showing off the Switch Pro and what it can do.

This will allow Nintendo to own the spotlight and not share it with Sony or Microsoft. Why come third in a race when you can run unopposed?

Whatever Nintendo’s plans for the Switch Pro, you can bet Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 will be part of it.

Until then here's what we know about the Switch Pro's 4K Mini Led Screen. We're also equally excited by the prospect of cloud gaming on the Switch Pro.