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YouTuber Claims PS5 DualSense Battery is ‘Disappointing’

With the new PlayStation 5 DualSense controller on sale now, players can already get their hands on the next-gen technology. But according to one YouTuber, the powerful controller has a battery level that is ‘disappointing.’

By all accounts, the DualSense controller is one of the most exciting things about Sony’s PlayStation 5. With haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and a sleek new design, the hardware is certainly turning heads.

But although the device is currently on sale in stores across the world, we don’t yet have a console to trial it with. YouTuber Sakis Karpas does, however, and the internet personality shares his thoughts on the new tech.

On a positive note, the Unboxholics host indicates that players should be excited to get their hands on the DualSense. In fact, Karpas echoes previous statements that suggest the controller is the most next-gen aspect of the upcoming console.

Telling fans to ‘set aside 8K and teraflops’ in favor of controller advancements, there’s no way to adequately describe the experience of using the DualSense controller.

Stating that DualSense haptic feedback and adaptive triggers are the “best thing that has ever happened to the new generation,” Karpas is singing the DualSense’s praises. He indicates that when gamers finally get their hands on the controller, they’ll understand very well what he means.

PS5 DualSense Battery is Disappointing

Despite these positive statements, it’s not all good news for PS5 fans, it seems. In fact, the Greek YouTuber had one major criticism about the DualSense controller.

It appears that these new and impressive features aren’t without their drawbacks. In a follow-up tweet, Karpas states that the PS5 DualSense battery is “a bit disappointing.”

However, it should be said that Karpas has been playing Astro’s Playroom, a game designed to show off the DualSense hardware. While this is yet to be proven, more than one PS5 early-reviewer indicates that the game might drain battery life faster than other titles.

DualSense Controller battery
(Source: Sony)

The game makes heavy use of the DualSense’s new features, and it appears to take a toll on the controller. According to reports, the DualSense has twice the battery life of the DualShock 4, yet that may not be sufficient.

We’re sure to know more specific details regarding the PS5’s DualSense battery soon. With more and more reviewers getting their hands on the device, release is also just around the corner.

Fans are also interested in seeing how the PS5 DualSense compares to the Xbox Series X gamepad. Both devices are going to be the main point of contact for the upcoming next-gen consoles.

With this in mind, their functionality will make or break the hardware. However, by all accounts, it appears that the PS5’s DualSense controller is more next-gen than the console.