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YouTuber Buys a Gold Plated PS5 For Over $8K

YouTuber Simon “Miniminter” Minter is now the proud owner of a gold-plated PS5. You can also watch him unbox it.

We’ve developed somewhat of a fascination with gold PS5s in recent months. We salivated in envy at the gold DualSense controllers Sony gave their employees who worked on the console.

We really wanted one, but it was a fitting reward for those who worked tirelessly to bring us the PS5 last November. But that’s not going to stop us from searching e-bay!

Golden PS5 DualSense Controller

Last month, we became aware of Caviar, a company that is taking PS5s and covering them in gold and even diamonds.

Caviar’s most expensive package is an insane $499,000 for a gold-plated PS5, but fortunately, one YouTuber has found a cheaper alternative.

And in our view, this is exactly what a gold PS5 should look like.

Miniminter’s Gold Plated PS5

The YouTuber who goes by the name Miniminter on his channel spent just over $8,000 on his 24-karat gold-plated PS5. This is still an insane amount of money to spend on a games console, but wow, does it look stunning.

Miniminter used a Truly Exquisite company to modify his PS5, turning it into something a Bond villain would lust after.

The DualSense controller has also been covered in gold plating. Miniminter reports that the controller now has a “significant heft” to it since its modification.

The YouTube star also flaunts his new gold-plated PS5 Pulse headphones in his unboxing video, along with some other cool extras.

The company offers a range of packages, not all over them, including gold plating. And many are much cheaper than $8,000. Although some, like the Platinum option, are even more expensive.

Of course, we understand that getting a regular PS5 is still a challenge for many gamers.

The good news is this retailer is planning TWO major restocks this month

If youwant to know the minute this PS5 drop goes live? Be sure to check our stock trackers below:

If you miss out this time, don't worry. After all, our ultimate guide to buying a PS5 from Walmart may be able to help you secure a PS5 console soon.

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