Pokemon GO just announced two new sizes of Pokemon: XXS and XXL. But what do the new terms mean in-game?

It’s been over 6 years since Pokemon GO burst onto the scene and took the world by storm. And since then, Niantic has been working on ways to keep the game feeling fresh and interesting.

Some additions are certainly more impactful than others, however, and recently fans have noticed a small change to the core Pokemon GO gameplay.

XXL and XXS Pokemon are now appearing in the wild, but what does this mean and how does it affect Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO: What Are XXS & XXL Pokemon?

XXS (Extra, Extra Small) and XXL (Extra, Extra Large) Pokemon are creatures that have a noticeable size difference in Pokemon GO. Unlike regular XS and XL Pokemon, these companions have a size difference that is actually visible when that Pokemon is set as your Buddy.

XXS and XXL Pokemon will also have unique encounter animations, to help trainers tell that the creature they’re about to catch is special.

They’ll also appear smaller or larger than normal when encountered in the wild.

Pokemon GO What Are XXS & XXL Pokemon

When a trainer catches at least three of any particular Pokemon, they’ll then get special alerts when they break their current size records.

Does Pokemon Size Affect Anything in Pokemon GO?

No, generally Pokemon sizes don’t matter at all in Pokemon GO, though your Team Leader will comment on them when analyzing your catches for you. However, XXS and XXL Pokemon do appear smaller or larger than usual when selected to be your Buddy.

You’ll be able to show off your uniquely sized Pokemon both in your trainer profile, and when adventuring with them on the overworld.

Pokemon Largest and Smallest Records in Pokemon GO

How to Catch XXS & XXL Pokemon

To catch XXS or XXL Pokemon in Pokemon GO, players must simply look for a strangely-sized variant in the wild. When pressing on any Pokemon that has the potential to be XXS or XXL size, you have a chance at an encounter with a special larger or smaller version of the creature.

While the Pokemon will appear differently-sized, and comes with a unique encounter animation, it isn’t actually any harder to catch than any other size of Pokemon.

But to ensure you’ve got the best chance at catching the creature before it runs, be sure to use a Razz Berry and an Ultra Ball to boost your odds.

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How to Check My Pokemon Size in Pokemon GO

To check your Pokemon’s size in Pokemon GO:

  • Press the Poke Ball to open the menu
  • Select ‘Pokemon’
  • Choose the Pokemon you want to assess the size of
  • Your Pokemon’s height and weight will be displayed just below its name, on either side of its type.
How to Check Pokemon Size Pokemon GO

Alternatively, by pressing the menu icon in the bottom right and hitting Appraise, your Team Leader will pop up.

However, they’ll only comment on your Pokemon’s size if it’s at least an XS or XL Pokemon.

How to Appraise Pokemon Size Pokemon GO

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A recent Pokemon GO blog hints at more Pokemon having undiscovered sizes that may well be revealed in the near future.

In the meantime, check out some of our other essential Pokemon GO guides below:

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