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XQC Robbery Attempt in GTA 5 RP Makes Heart Rate Soar Dangerously

Popular Twitch streamer XQC has had a rather traumatic experience with a GTA 5 RP robbery attempt. The Twitch community is currently in the midst of GTA 5 roleplaying content. However, XQC’s latest roleplay experience has not done wonders for his heart.

Although XQC and the GTA roleplaying community have not been on the best terms lately, XQC’s recent return to the scene has been entertaining to watch.

The events that transpired were a stressful experience for XQC, causing his resting heart rate to soar to scarily high and dangerous levels.

XQC GTA 5 Roleplay Robbery Attempt

Many Twitch streamers are greatly enjoying the experience provided by GTA 5’s roleplay community. Recently, GTA 5 RP has become a huge phenomenon on Twitch. Although the recent Texas storms caused XQC to go offline for a while, the popular streamer is back.

XQC’s recent return to the scene has been entertaining for many viewers. However, a recent attempt to rob the NoPixel 3.0 server’s bank, has proven to be a stressful experience.

To explain, during a recent live stream XQC was using a heart rate tracker to provide his resting heartrate for viewers. This allowed fans to see exactly how stressed the streamer was during the roleplay event.

Interestingly enough, things got extremely out of hand very quickly, with XQC’s heart rate reaching a very high 175. The mistake was made when XQC decided to rob the bank alone.

XQC Robbery Attempt
XQC Robbery Attempt

In XQC’s robbery attempt he was forced to deal not only with the law attempting to shut down his criminal behavior but other roleplayers on the server too.

Furthermore, XQC took a hostage which led to things quickly getting out of hand. Although the attempt was almost successful, unfortunately, it didn’t quite pay off.

The move to GTA 5 RP could be due to the fact that some streamers are not enjoying the recent slew of games. For example, Shroud claims that new games are “lackluster” in one of his more recent Twitch streams.

Take a look at the Reddit clip below to see XQC’s foiled robbery attempt in action. Pay attention to his heart rate on the left-hand side to see just how stressful the experience was.

(Source: Reddit)

As you can see the entire experience took a strenuous toll on XQC’s heart. The popular Twitch streamer also responded to the aftermath of the event, when prompted on how he was feeling during the robbery attempt. Take a look below to hear what he had to say:

(Source: Reddit)

There are also other streamers that are taking a toll on themselves. Ludwig has just become the biggest streamer on Twitch in his ongoing subathon. Whilst perhaps not the healthiest move, his ongoing success has led him to the top spot on Twitch currently.

Finally, if you want to know how Twitch streamer Ludwig was able to survive a 9-day subathon, take a look for yourself. You might be surprised at the effort he has gone to.

We will continue to keep you updated regarding Twitch TV and other streamer news. Stay tuned for more updates both now and in the future.

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