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xQc Announces Twitch Subathon Which Aims To Beat Ludwig ‘By A Longshot’

Popular Twitch streamer xQc has announced his plans to take part in his own Subathon event. However, xQc also believes that he can easily overtake Ludwigs’ record-breaking sub count all too easily.

Recently, the new king of Twitch Ludwig Ahgren successfully completed his Subathon event. After an extremely successful month-long journey, Ludwig actually ended up as the number one Twitch Streamer of all time, beating Ninja’s all-time sub count.

xQc Subathon
XQC Subathon

A Subathon, for those that may not be aware, involves a countdown timer that highlights how much broadcast time is left. However, when someone subscribes to the channel this adds additional time to the broadcast, hence the name Subathon.

Interestingly, Ludwig was able to survive a month of solid streaming. You may be asking yourself, how did Ludwig survive his month-long Subathon? Now, xQc, the most-watched Twitch streamer, believes that he can smash Ludwig’s newly achieved record with his own event.

xQc Twitch Subathon Announced

xQc has announced his own Twitch Subathon event, although there is not an official date for when the event will take place just yet, xQc aims to easily overtake Ludwig for the number one Twitch spot.

Although the streamer has recently reacted to losing over 2.5 million followers on Twitter, he shows no signs of defeat. In fact, xQc seems more motivated than ever to become the new king of Twitch.

xQc Subathon
xQc Subathon

Interestingly, xQc seems remarkably confident that he can beat Ludwig, he had the following to say with regards to his own Subathon event:

“I’ll do a Subathon about a month and a half after Ludwigs’ so all the Primes are reset, and we’ll beat the record by a long shot”


it’s important to remember that Ludwig actually implemented a clever system to stop watchers from gifting too many subs. However, xQc does not plan on implementing a similar system.

It will be interesting to see whether xQc is able to overtake Ludwig, especially considering that Ludwig has just become the new face of Twitch. It might seem like a short-lived victory, but fans will have to wait to see whether he is able to pull it off.

xQc Subathon
xQc Subathon

xQc plans to start the event around a month after Ludwigs’ came to an end, Ludwigs’ stream ended on April 13 so fans should expect to see it begin around mid-May.

Interestingly, Ludwig actually earned a shockingly low amount of money from the Subathon event. Perhaps xQc also aims to be charitable with his earnings.

Take a look at the Reddit clip below to see exactly what xQc plans to do for his own Subathon:

(Source: Reddit)

In other entertainment news, Tyler1 has recently announced his $10,000 Twitch Rivals Powerlifting event. Sometimes it’s good for streamers to partake in some physical activity, especially considering a Subathon involves a lot of sitting around…

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