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XM4 is Overpowered in Black Ops Cold War, According to Pro Players

There's a new XM4 class that's overpowered in Black Ops Cold War, according to several pro players.

The XM4 is a weapon that goes constantly overlooked in Black Ops Cold War. It's not hard to see why, given that it's one of the few weapons that's unlocked right off the bat.

However, the Assault Rifle does boast respectable range and excellent power, especially when built into the best class possible. With a little bit of tweaking, the XM4 can compete with some of Black Ops Cold War's best weapons.

Black Ops Cold War XM4
(Source: Activision)

What's more, some of the pros are voicing their opinions, claiming that the XM4 may be overpowered in Cold War. If this is the case, the gun is certainly a sleeper hit, but perhaps more players will pick it up with a little time.

We don't think it'll make it onto our list of the most overpowered Call of Duty weapons of all time, but the XM4 is definitely shaping up nicely.

Best Gun in Black Ops Cold War?

The XM4 hype seemed to begin when pro player Attach called it "the best gun" in Black Ops Cold War by far.

Since then, other players have been taking up the XM4 for themselves, testing the weapon's limits. And it seems that Attach isn't the only one that agrees with this assessment.

In a recent upload, YouTuber RaidAway discusses the XM4 at length, calling the weapon "overpowered." It's strange to see the weapon suddenly gaining such traction, but we can understand why.

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After all, this new loadout might be the best XM4 class in Black Ops Cold War.

Best XM4 Class in Black Ops Cold War Season 2

  • Optic: Microflex LED
  • Muzzle: SOCOM Eliminator
  • Barrel: 13.5" Task Force
  • Magazine: STANAG 50 RND
  • Stock: Raider Pad

According to RaidAway, this new XM4 class is completely overpowered, and may well be the best in Cold War Season 2.

The YouTuber even drops a nuke using this class in the video, however, it's worth pointing out that he uses Black Ops Cold War's best Scorestreak to rack up plenty of kills.

And speaking of nuclear warheads, there's a nuke coming to Warzone in its upcoming Plague mode.

But that's not all, as this Warzone leak claims that a new sandbox and racing mode is on the way too.

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