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Xclusive Ace Reveals Best Assault Rifle in Warzone for Long Range

Find out what YouTuber Xclusive Ace thinks is the best long-range assault rifle in Warzone.

While there’s a lot more to Warzone than your weapon choice, having the best gun will certainly help you rack up the wins.

Xclusive Ace is a popular Call of Duty YouTuber who focuses on the finer details of the game. His in-depth tests help players work out what weapons and equipment are best.

Luckily for Warzone players, Xclusive Ace turned his attention to the best long-range assault rifles in Warzone.

warzone skydive assault rifle

Testing Warzone Assault Rifles

In his new video, Xclusive Ace conducted a detailed test to find what was the best long-range assault rifle in Warzone. Players have been experimenting with their loadouts a lot as a new meta hasn’t been found since the DMR got a huge nerf.

Firstly, he tested the most popular assault rifles for long-range in a number of categories. Time-to-kill, damage range, recoil, and a few other important stats side-by-side to get his results.

The guns Xclusive Ace tested in this video were the Krig 6, QBZ-84, Kilo 141, M4A1, Grau, and M13.

However, players who prefer a sniper rifle for long-range engagements might want to check out our best Warzone Season 1 loadout for Verdansk.

Best Long Range Rifle in Warzone

After his in-depth testing, Xclusive Ace noted that all of the assault rifles he tested are good options, but picking the best was down to a matter of preference.

Despite this, the very popular Kilo 141 is the second worst long-range assault rifle in Warzone according to him. The stealth nerf it got definitely made the Kilo quite a lot worse.

His selection for the top spot is a surprising one, to say the least. He crowned the M4A1 as the top long-range assault rifle in Warzone.

This is a gun that was to go-to for many players when Warzone launched but has never quite been the meta since then. Xclusive Ace chose the M4A1 because of its quick time-to-kill, manageable recoil, and decent damage range.

For every one of the guns he tested, Xclusive Ace provided the best loadout for the gun. This also includes the best long-range assault rifle according to him, the M4A1.

However, if players want a shorter range assault rifle to pair with a sniper, look no further than Warzone’s new best gun.

M4A1 loadout

As a result of his testing, Xclusive Ace recommends these attachments to make an M4A1 that can take down players at all ranges:

Xclusive Ace M4A1 Loadout Best Long Range Assault Rifle
Xclusive Ace
  • Muzzle – Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel – Stock M16 Grenadier
  • Lazer – Tac Lazer
  • Optic – VLK 3.0x Optic
  • Ammunition – 60 Round Mags

Check out the whole video below to see all of Xclusive Ace’s weapon testing.

TheXclusiveAce Youtube

Although, assault rifles aren’t the only fully automatic weapons in Warzone that can beam people at long range. NICKMERCS recently smashed his kill record using this long-forgotten meta LMG.

However, YouTubers may not be making Warzone videos like this for much longer. Drift0r warns that Warzone content creators are ready to “jump ship” unless Activision fixes the hacking problem.

Warzone is also suffering from a number of glitches at the moment. The game could become a lot more difficult to win because the infinite stim glitch has returned to Warzone yet again.

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