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xCloud Streaming Service Could Be Coming To Other Consoles

Microsoft’s xCloud videogame streaming service could be coming to other consoles in the future, according to a newly-revealed email.

xCloud, otherwise known as Cloud Gaming, is Microsoft’s cloud streaming service that lets people play console games on their mobile or PC. It is included as part of Game Pass Ultimate and allows subscribers to play games with no download or install.

No official plans to put the streaming service on other platforms have been announced yet. However, a newly surfaced email from Xbox President Phil Spencer that xCloud could come to other consoles soon.

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Xbox Free to Play Games Unlocked Without Xbox Live Gold

xCloud on PS5 & Nintendo Switch Consoles?

Xbox has already announced record earnings in the last year, but this could become even more, thanks to ambitious plans for xCloud.

Emails from the Epic Games v Apple court case have surfaced and one of them is very interesting. An email sent from Phil Spencer to Epic CEO Tim Sweeney in August 2020 revealed future plans for Xbox’s Cloud Gaming service.

The email says:

“At the highest levels of [Microsoft] we are committed to pushing on these policies and continuing to expand our console platform capabilities… I have your point on xCloud on other consoles (haven’t given up)”

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The email also mentions plans to make free-to-play multiplayer games totally free, which has since happened. Xbox Live Gold is no longer required to play online multiplayer games.

While this doesn’t confirm that xCloud will come to other consoles in the future, it shows that Xbox was planning for it since Summer last year.

It also doesn’t mention which consoles Spencer was hoping to get xCloud on. However, it must be either PlayStation 4 & 5, Nintendo Switch, or possibly even both.

Would you want to play Xbox games on another console in the future? A new Halo Infinite leak has confirmed cross-play and loads of other features, but would Halo on PlayStation be too far-fetched?

Meanwhile, an Xbox insider claims that Starfield and Forza Horizon 5 are releasing this year. Would these release on xCloud on other consoles as well?

Also, the next-gen Xbox shortage might finally be over! This will be good news for eveyone trying to find an Xbox Series X.

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