Microsoft Confirm Xbox Scarlett Release Date, Specs & Backwards Compatibility

Xbox Project Scarlett Specs

This is breaking news. Microsoft has officially confirmed the Xbox Scarlett specs and release date. Additionally, the prospect of next-gen backwards compatibility has also been confirmed. Without further ado, let’s take an in-depth look as to what players will be able to get their hands on in 2020.

PLEASE NOTE: ‘Xbox Project Scarlett’ is most likely just a codename.

Xbox Project Scarlett Release Window

The next console will be coming out in Holiday 2020. While previous consoles have usually released in November, we can expect ‘Scarlett’ to follow the same pattern.

Halo Infinite will also launch alongside the Xbox Scarlett, providing even more for fans to look forward to.

Backwards Compatibility

PlayStation recently announced that their next-gen console would feature Backwards Compatibility. While this was widely acclaimed from fans, it appears as though Microsoft has taken some notes.

Xbox Scarlett vs PS5

The Xbox Scarlett will be backwards compatible with the Xbox One and more. Microsoft has also mentioned the term “4 generations of content.”

Backwards Compatibility appears to be a trend which all major developers are targeting. First, Sony announced it for the PS5, now Xbox follows suit. This will truly revolutionise gaming for the best.

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Xbox Scarlett Specs

For specification enthusiasts, Microsoft has certainly not disappointed. It appears as though the next Xbox console will give the PS5 a run for its money. Microsoft’s next-gen console will have the following specs:

  • 8K Support
  • Zen2 from AMD GDDR6
  • AMD Processor
  • 120FPS Support
  • New SSD for Ram Support
  • Quicker loading times
  • Raytracing
  • Backwards Compatibility

One major aspect of the specs are clearly quicker loading times. While PS5 also has this lined up, Microsoft certainly isn’t letting Sony get the edge on anything. This addition will undoubtedly come to the pleasure of several fans, either way.

Further to this, Microsoft also has confirmed raytracing, which is a component used in Hollywood movies in a bid to provide better graphics.

Whether you’re a fan Xbox, you’ll struggle to find fault in their upcoming console.


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