Xbox UK Teases MW2 Being Backwards Compatible on Xbox One

Xbox UK Teases MW2 Being Backwards Compatible on Xbox One

A recent tweet from the official Xbox UK twitter may have hinted at one of the world’s biggest games, MW2, becoming backwards compatible on Xbox One! MW2 has been a huge fan favourite since the launch of the Xbox One backwards compatibility program. Modern Warfare 2 is also top of the most wanted Xbox 360 games on Xbox One list with approximately 195,000 votes. So why wouldn’t they make it available on Xbox One?

Xbox UK’s tweet seems to just be a matter of images rather than words. The second images shows Xbox tweeting a reply to themselves saying “@Xboxuk make MW2 back compat.” Later on they replied to their tweet saying that it was just a meme. Although, should we really take Xbox’s word on this or could there be a bigger meaning to this story?

Rumours seem to be quite a usual thing for MW2 BC. It wasn’t long ago when we saw an image of Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox One.

Xbox UK Teases MW2 Being Backwards Compatible on Xbox One

There’s nothing more satisfying than when you’re camping at the top of highrise with a tactical insertion ready for when you die and sniper as your loadout. It’s fair to say there’s no doubt that it’d be pretty incredible if MW2 was to arrive to one of the latest Gaming consoles available, however could this jeopardise the release of MW2 Remastered?

We’ve also recently heard a rumour that Black Ops 4 will be Call of Duty 2018. With that being said, it’d be very rare to see a MW2 Remastered released alongside. Therefore it wouldn’t come as much of a surprise to see MW2 join the line-up of the Xbox BC program.

Let us know in the comments below on what you think on MW2 being Backwards Compatible on Xbox One.


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