Microsoft Tease Xbox ‘Scarlet’ with Secret Codes Prior to E3 2019

Xbox Scarlet Codes Tease

Microsoft has seemingly implied that their next-gen console will be revealed later today at E3 2019. In a series of recent cryptic teasers, Microsoft has provided an array of different codes which form the word “Scarlet.”

Courtesy of a new tweet, Microsoft has already confirmed that we can expect to see a host of new game reveals and world premieres, in addition to several major surprises. It appears as though we already know which surprises may be on the horizon, however.

As pointed out via Twitter user @Cr8Beyond, the countdown to E3 promotional material which Microsoft has been posting out as of recently features a variety of hidden codes, which seemingly relate to the next-gen console.

It seems as if the first video details the code R 255, while the second features G 36. Lastly, the most recent video, the third, has B O. These codes mean nothing when they’re just on their own, but if we place these together, it forms the RGB color code for “Scarlet.”

While previous rumors have supported the reveal of next-gen at E3 2019, it might not come as much of a surprise to some. Either way, Microsoft has sent the user who spotted the codes a message with a reward inside, confirming the discovery to be legitimate.

Xbox Anaconda

In addition to the Xbox Scarlet, rumors prior to these official teasers have suggested that another console is on the horizon from Microsoft. It appears as though Microsoft will announce not just the Scarlet, but ‘Anaconda’ as well. According to rumors, the Anaconda will be somewhat similar to previous Xbox consoles, whereas the Scarlet will be cheaper in price as it’s a streaming only system.

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Although these rumors appear to have some credibility in their favour, we advise fans still remain sceptical.

For now, the mere details Microsoft has seemingly confirmed is that the next Xbox, codenamed ‘Scarlet’, will make an appearance. Additionally, we know the event will showcase for up to two hours, so obviously, a lot appears to be in store.


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