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Xbox Players Report Warzone Freezing on RICOCHET Anti-Cheat Screen

It seems that Xbox players are having a disastrous time with the new Warzone patch which is causing freezing on the RICOCHET start-up screen.

Recently, Warzone players have been having a rough time. Not only is the new Caldera map not to everyone’s taste, but the game is notably more broken than it was before Vanguard arrived.

Right now, there’s a new invisible gun glitch turning Warzone weapons transparent. And as if to match the new issue, certain Warzone Operators are also invisible in the Battle Royale.

Warzone Caldera

If that wasn’t enough, the new RICOCHET anti-cheat doesn’t work at all, it seems. And Warzone Pacific currently has more than its fair share of cheaters ruining everyone’s games.

Ironically, Xbox players are seeing a lot of the new RICOCHET logo though, as fans report Warzone freezing on the loading screen.

Warzone Freezing on Xbox Fix – January 2022

Many Xbox users are reporting that Warzone is basically unplayable on Xbox consoles, thanks to the game freezing on start-up.

It appears that RICOCHET anti-cheat is a detriment to the game in its current state. Not only do we have thousands of cheaters flooding into Warzone once again, but now players are freezing on the RICOCHET screen on boot-up.

Of course, the latter issue isn’t actually RICOCHET’s fault, but a new bug on Xbox systems. In fact, if you make it past the loading screen, a new Xbox matchmaking error stops players from joining games anyway.

This isn’t a universal issue, but it’s one that a lot of Xbox fans are reporting in January 2022. Reportedly, waiting on the RICOCHET logo for long enough will eventually bring you to the menu, where you can try and play Warzone as normal.

UPDATE: How to Fix Warzone Issues on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

Warzone Pacific

However, even then, a lot of Warzone fans are reporting the game is crashing on the lobby screen. Raven Software will need to issue a new patch fast to get things operational again.

It’s problems like these that are making fans miss the golden days of Warzone right now.

And despite the developer claiming to have improved Warzone console performance in the latest update, it seems that matters are worse than ever.

In case you missed it, we do know what’s coming in the next update already. It seems that Raven Software wants to increase the TTK in Warzone across all weapons. That’s probably for the best, seeing as the one-shot shotgun loadout is still dominating the competition.

But Warzone players are worried that the new changes to ADS speed will reduce the skill gap too much.

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