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Xbox VR Might Be Coming, Suggests Microsoft Flight Simulator Files

A new leak indicates that Xbox could be getting VR, or at least it was aiming for it at one point.

One thing that Xbox has always been missing is the presence of a VR headset. PlayStation VR is a huge hit for Sony, and companies like Vive and Oculus are making great strides on PC.

However, Xbox fans have never had the chance to experience virtual reality gaming on the system. Now, new evidence suggests that perhaps VR could still come to Xbox.

(Source: Screen Rant)

According to leaks from the Microsoft Flight Simulator files, the Xbox Series X could well be getting the first next-gen VR headset. This would be a big deal, beating PS VR 2 to the punch.

Incredibly powerful VR gaming could be just around the corner, which could be the next step in making the technology more accessible for all players. However, a next-gen VR headset likely doesn’t come cheap, and gamers are already reeling from the Xbox Series X price.

We’d bet that, should an Xbox VR kit actually land on the market, it won’t be announced until next year at the earliest. For now, Microsoft will be struggling to keep up with the demand for its next-generation hardware.

Xbox VR Leaked in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Microsoft Flight Simulator is about to get its first VR support, meaning that the incredibly-detailed game will be getting more realistic than ever. However, it appears that the VR support isn’t necessarily exclusive to PC.

(Source: Microsoft)

According to Microsoft, the flight simulator will be coming to Xbox before long, and it seems that VR might be available alongside it. Flight Simulator forum user Cygnifick has found multiple references to Scarlett_VR in the game’s files.

As fans may remember, Project Scarlett was the code name for Microsoft’s upcoming generation of consoles. Therefore, Scarlett VR indicates that Xbox will be trying its hand at virtual reality in the near future.

Xbox VR

Alternatively, it could mean that Xbox VR was something Microsoft was considering when the latest simulator started development. Either way, we’re sure to find out more about this exciting possibility in the coming months.

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The Xbox Series X is certainly powerful enough to support a VR headset, the question is whether or not it’s worth Microsoft’s time to do so. Now that Microsoft has acquired Bethesda for Xbox Series X exclusive games, we could see some incredible new VR titles.

Skyrim was a big hit for PlayStation VR, smashing the sales charts. Should The Elder Scrolls VI see a similar VR port, Microsoft could make it exclusive to Xbox consoles.

Given the company’s recent Play Anywhere initiative, however, the game would likely surface on PC as well. Still, the possibility is exciting to consider.

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer recently discussed the acquisition, indicating that Bethesda titles may not be Xbox exclusive. However, only time will tell what the future holds for both Xbox and VR.

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