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Leak Suggests Microsoft Is Working On An Xbox VR Headset

In an interesting turn, it looks like Microsoft could be working on an Xbox VR headset in a leak provided by IGN Italy.

Microsoft has always tried to sit ahead of the curve. The Kinect was a hefty attempt by Xbox to pull ahead in the gaming world with completely immersive motion controls.

It might have failed, but at least it proved Microsoft to have the creativity to offer them the upper hand if they could pull their big ideas off.

Xbox's big ideas have done them well this generation so far, too. The Xbox Game Pass is a genius tactic to rope players in and has marked Xbox as the champion of the casual gamer.

xbox series x
Xbox Series X

The Game Pass has grown immensely recently, with a huge twenty Bethesda titles coming to the subscription service.

Plus, a leak has suggested that the roster of a huge developer could come to Game Pass in 2021.

But now, it looks like Microsoft could be joining a new gaming venture. If this leak is to be believed, they could be heading into the world of virtual reality.

This isn't the first leak to suggest that Xbox could be taking on the world of VR. Here's the last time we heard that Xbox VR could be coming soon.

But now, it looks like it could be just around the corner.

Is An Xbox VR Headset On The Way?

This leak comes from none other than Italy's branch of IGN. According to the writer Giovani Marrelli, they experienced an interesting message from Xbox when trying to set up their new headset.

Microsoft Working on Xbox VR Headset According to Leak
Xbox Wireless Headset

Xbox recently unveiled its own wireless headset, and apparently, it's tied in its software to a new venture for Microsoft.

When plugging in the headset for setup, Marelli has a notice that can't be a coincidence.

"The VR headset needs to be updated", the message reads. It's repeated again, and then a button is offered to "update VR headset".

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This can't be an accident, and it looks as though this headset could be an addition to an upcoming VR peripheral by Microsoft.

A lot of exciting news has been flooding out in the world of VR; especially after the huge reveal of the PSVR 2.

Microsoft Working on Xbox VR Headset According to Leak
VR Notice, Courtesy of IGN

We don't know yet if this is a first-party peripheral or if Xbox is simply opening up to third-party integration.

Whichever way this goes, it's an exciting prospect, and means that Xbox could be catching up on a market it's slow to capitalize on.

Still, there's plenty more to be excited about in the world of Xbox. An interesting tease has suggested that an exciting new game could come to Game Pass at launch.

Plus, a big Xbox games showcase is now on the horizon and is arriving in March. Here's a look at the games we could see at the Xbox games conference.

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