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Xbox VR Headset & Experience Further Away Than We Think

For those who are VR fans and have an Xbox, getting a VR headset-style experience on the platform might be further away than expected.

VR definitely took off in more ways than many of us expected.

It certainly piqued the interest of many big players in the industry like Valve.

The interest is so real that even companies like Facebook jumped in.

PlayStation certainly paved the way for this technology in commercial consoles.

On the other hand, Microsoft had a different perspective and so far has not brought this technology to Xbox platforms.

Xbox Series X S VR Experience
Source: Microsoft

Phil Spencer Speaks About an Xbox VR Headset Experience

Recently, Phil Spencer was part of a Wall Street Journal’s WSJ Tech Live event.

During this conversation, Spencer was approached by a viewer who asked about Xbox’s approach in regards to VR.

This viewer asked in detail if Xbox was content with VR being a differentiator between it and PlayStation.

Spencer, yet again, stated that Xbox’s vision still does not include a VR headset at this moment.

He went on to express how much he admires the work that companies like Valve, Sony PlayStation, and Oculus are doing.

Although, he stressed that Microsoft is currently focused on the software side of things and not on VR hardware.

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Phil Spencer Xbox VR Experience
Source: wccftech

This is not the first time Spencer has mentioned that the immediate future of Xbox does not include a VR headset.

Some time ago, before the Xbox Series X | S consoles were available, Spencer pronounced a similar stance about VR.

In 2020 during an interview with Gamertag Radio’s Podcast, Spencer stated Microsoft was not planning any VR support for its upcoming consoles.

Of course, there were some rumors that Microsoft could have changed its mind.

Last year, some files within Microsoft Flight Simulator hinted at a possible VR experience on Xbox consoles.

Time will tell if Microsoft ever changes its perspective about VR.

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Sunday 31st of October 2021

Vr would be amazing to have on the Xbox side. Switching from playstation to Xbox this gen I can tell you vr is the real deal and one thing playstation has knocked out the park. Xbox needs to add this feature and support vr. It's incredible