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Xbox To Announce Major Studio Acquisition Soon, According To Leak

A new rumor is circulating which suggests Microsoft is set to announce another major studio acquisition as part of Xbox Games Pass.

Earlier this year, Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox highlighted his plans for future Xbox studio acquisitions. Now it could be the case that Microsoft is looking to acquire even more talented studios.

Xbox Game Pass Gets 13 New Games in September 2021
(Source: Microsoft)

Currently, Microsoft is focusing its attention on Xbox and on its ever-popular Xbox Games Pass. Interestingly, it was only in March of this year that Microsoft acquired ZeniMax Media, giving them access to Bethesda Softworks, the creators of Doom, Fallout & The Elder Scrolls franchise.

Whilst this move proved rather expensive, it has also been extremely lucrative for Microsoft too. Now, it looks like Microsoft could be hungry to acquire more studios under the Xbox umbrella.

Although the Xbox Games Pass does remain an extremely popular subscription amongst gamers. Not only do players have access to the latest games, but new additions are added all the time. In fact, Xbox Game Pass has just got an additional 13 new games in September 2021

Xbox Big Discounts Bethesda Games
(Source: Microsoft)

The Xbox subscription is well worth the money, so much so in fact that Phil Spencer has revealed how the Xbox Games Pass Business Model works.

However, thanks to the service’s continued success, there are now rumors circulating that Microsoft is set to announce another major acquisition, relatively soon.

Microsoft to Announce More Studio Acquisitions

Numerous sources on Twitter are reporting that Microsoft is imminently poised to announce a new major studio acquisition. Despite the numerous claims, it is still important to note that there has been no official announcement from Microsoft, so this rumor should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Phil Sp
(Source: Microsoft)

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However, with the number of people claiming the rumor is true, there could be some huge developments inbound.

Okami13, a reliable industry source recently tweeted about Microsoft’s rumored upcoming plans. Whilst we don’t know what they could be, or when they are coming, sources report that an announcement is due within the month.
(Source: Twitter)

So, who do you think Microsoft has in its sights? Interestingly, given the reaction to the rumor, it appears to be a big one. Therefore perhaps it’s not too much of a stretch to expect maybe Ubisoft or perhaps even Take-Two Interactive?

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Additionally, the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Console pre-orders have ended for now, according to the manufacturer.

Similarly, we also know the Halo Infinite release date, thanks to a reveal on the Microsoft store. If you are excited to get your hands on the game, here is how to sign up for the Halo Infinite Tech Preview.

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