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Phil Spencer Highlights Plans for Future Xbox Studio Acquisitions

Xbox Head Phil Spencer has outlined his plans for the future of Xbox in a recent interview with IGN. Interestingly, Phil touched on studio acquisitions and Xbox’s plans for potentially acquiring new studios moving forward.

Recently, Phil Spencer took part in an exclusive interview with IGN to celebrate their 500th episode. Although the Xbox boss was tight-lipped on their plans, some information was still gleaned from the interview. However, with the success of Xbox’s recent studio acquisitions, Spencer took the time to touch on the subject in more detail.

Xbox Studio Acquisitions
(Source: Microsoft)

Perhaps Xbox’s most ambitious move was Microsoft’s purchase of Bethesda for $7.5 billion earlier this year. This move has huge consequences for the gaming industry. In fact, it means that Xbox players now have exclusive access to future Bethesda titles.

However, Sony has also been fighting back against Xbox with their own studio acquisitions. Furthermore, a recent leak has also shown off Sony’s latest acquisition, and it’s a big one.

Xbox Head Phil Spencer
(Source: Microsoft)

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In IGN’s most recent interview with Phil Spencer, he had the following to say regarding future studio acquisitions and the future of Xbox.

Phil Spencer Discusses Xbox Studio Acquisitions

Phil Spencer has revealed more details regarding plans for acquiring new studios under the Xbox brand. Interestingly, Spencer briefly touched on the subject with the following statement:

We are always out there looking at where we could continue to build out first-party capabilities and looking at teams that would be a good fit.

Phil Spencer
xbox series s restock today
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Whilst this news may not come as much of a surprise to Xbox fans, it’s still good to know that Xbox wants to continue to search for talented developers to bring under the Xbox umbrella. Spencer also discussed that acquisitions can even be a huge benefit to game developers, rewarding them for their success as entrepreneurs.

Interestingly, Spencer has mentioned in the past that there are gaps in the portfolio that need to be expanded upon. In particular, Spencer talked about family-friendly content being a huge must-have.

Furthermore, geographical diversity was also talked about as a potential direction for new Xbox studio acquisitions. With the success of Xbox Games Pass, check out everything that is coming in 2021 and beyond for the gaming service.

Xbox Series X|S at Microsoft Store
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Perhaps then Xbox players can look forward to a wide array of different studios, from across the globe to flesh out the ever-expanding Xbox line-up.

Similarly, Spencer even briefly discussed Halo Infinite as well as the future of the Halo series. It appears as though the future of Halo is as bright as Xbox’s own.

Although, recently Xbox talked about why Halo Infinite does still not have an official release date yet. It may still be some time before the game finally lands on PC and Xbox consoles.

Furthermore, if you’ve been desperately trying to get a hold of a new Xbox Series X/S, Phil Spencer also touched upon the console shortage issue which has plagued gamers since the consoles first arrived in retail stores across the globe.

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