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Xbox Series X’s New UI is Available Now on Xbox One

A new update to the Xbox One UI is now available, giving players a look at the upcoming Xbox Series X software.

In an effort to help its players adjust to the upcoming next-gen devices, Microsoft is releasing the new UI early. Despite the Series X and S not releasing until next month, we can already see what it’s like to own one.

Although the booting time is yet to receive a major upgrade, Xbox owners can now try out the new Series X UI on their Xbox One consoles. The aim is to unify all gamers ahead of the next-gen launch, ensuring that users have a comfortable transition.

Xbox New UI
(Source: Microsoft)

This may come back to bite Microsoft a little, as it’s sure to make the Series X feel less special when first plugged in. However, it makes sense given the company’s brand is currently about playing anywhere, and on any device.

The Xbox Series X UI Is Available Now

The new Xbox UI update is available now, and Xbox One users can download it right away. The file size is set to an impressive 6 GB, but it brings a range of changes to the menus.

Your Xbox One UI will undergo a major overhaul. Now, your home menu is set to feature new profile-specific themes, animated wallpapers, and a range of new visuals.

According to a recent video by the Xbox development team, this update will also let gamers get playing faster. As well as this, the UI’s new design will help navigate the menus, by bringing the most common tabs within easy reach.

The Home, Guide, and Store pages are now accessible faster, and these improvements will be far more noticeable on the Series X and S on release. Of course, the UI is designed to show off the next-gen power and speed, but they’re also going to help fine-tune the current generation’s experience.

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The new improvements to the UI have allegedly been packed into 40% less memory. This means that even Xbox One consoles should feel a noticeable improvement with the new software.

In other recent Xbox news, just how the Xbox Series S backwards compatibility works is causing some confusion. It’s not surprising, given that everything from the console’s name to its box art is hard to understand.

In fact, even the Quantic Dream boss calls Xbox Series S confusing for developers and players. Hopefully, things will get clearer as we head into the next generation of gaming.

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