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Xbox Series X Users Experiencing Worryingly Loud Disc Drive

Just a day after release, some users are experiencing a worryingly loud noise coming from their Xbox Series X disc drive.

It appears that the Xbox Series X has an issue that is already becoming a common occurrence. Several users are taking to Twitter to report a loud noise coming from their Xbox Series X disc drive.

The issue seems to suggest that the disc inside may be getting damaged. Shortly after inserting a disc into the Xbox Series X, a worrying grinding noise can be heard.

xbox series x
(Source: Microsoft)

Whether damage is being caused or not, this is clearly a broken Xbox Series X disc drive. In one example, a deep whirring noise is heard until the disc is removed.

These issues are certainly unintended and could be the result of a broken Xbox Series X disc drive. Though how many units already malfunctioning is hard to tell.

Xbox Series X Loud Disc Drive Sound Issue

Taking to Twitter to seek out Xbox support, Series X owner Mike Profeta is looking for assistance with his new purchase. Apparently, the Xbox is “marginally better” when placed on its side.

However, these next-gen consoles are meant to be practically silent when in use. Even if the Xbox were only making a little noise, we’d still be upset with our purchase.

Another user had a similar complaint about a broken Xbox Series X disc drive. This one also makes quite a bit of noise, but the drive has another major issue that’s more pressing.

2 of 2 Xbox Loud Disc Drive Issues

Twitter user drknickel‘s Xbox Series X disc drive is not only loud when inserting a disc, but it also appears to reject the process entirely. The console only accepts a disk half-way before making a noise like an industrial fax machine.

Another Xbox Series X Issue: Xbox Series X Console Reportedly Catches on Fire

Not an Ideal Launch Day for Xbox

This is certainly far from ideal for Microsoft to be experiencing such major issues on launch day. Although the Xbox Series X has likely had countless tests performed on its hardware, there’s nothing quite like millions of users testing your equipment for you on launch day.

Xbox Series X Disc Issues
(Source: Microsoft)

With the PS5 release date fast approaching, only time will tell if the device has similar issues. If it’s all smooth sailing for PlayStation, it’ll be another shaky start for Microsoft’s new console.

A similar distrust of the Xbox One was what left Microsoft so far behind back in 2013. Since then, the company has worked miracles to get back in the running for the best console.

Unfortunately, the Xbox Series X is reportedly catching fire, which doesn’t help their standing. And although we have a way to solve all known Xbox Series X/S issues, this isn’t one we know how to combat just yet.

This loud disc drive malfunction could cause Xbox to repair a number of its units. If so, the predicted Xbox Series X/S stock shortage could last longer than predicted.

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