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Xbox Series X Stock Update – What Are Microsoft Planning?

Microsoft is due to make an announcement on the 10th December at the Game Awards. Could it be an Xbox Series X stock update?

Since Microsoft revealed they will be making an announcement at this year’s (mostly online due to COVID) Game Awards, the internet has been abuzz with speculation.

It seems a bit of a weird time to make a significant announcement. The Xbox Series X/S have both launched worldwide, to great acclaim. What is there to say that couldn’t have been said prior to launch to raise hype?

The Xbox Series X has had a successful launch; despite trailing behind the PS5 somewhat, its sales numbers are solid – impressive even. But there’s one major fly in the ointment; the lack of Xbox Series X stock.

We can rule out an update on Halo Infinite at the Game Awards. 343 Industries ruled that out last month (Thanks guys, cue ‘meh’ emoji).

And we already know the Game Pass lineup for December, so what the devil is Microsoft going to say?

We do know we’re going to get a look at some upcoming Xbox games like the much-anticipated Dragon Age 4. But when it comes to first-party or console related things, we’re at a bit of a loss.

Now, this could be an absence of imagination on our part, or the announcement is something simple – and something people are crying out for:

When Will We Get More Xbox Series X Stock?

This is the question Xbox fans really want to know. In the run-up to the holidays, it’s also the only question that matters or is worth asking.

Yes, Microsoft could announce some cool new feature or even reveal something as awesome as a new Fable game. But really, we just want to know if we’ll have one under the tree or not.

Xbox Series X Stock Availability ‘Flickering’ On Official Store

Therefore, we’re placing all our cards on this being what Microsoft has to say. An announcement confirming more Xbox Series X/S stock, loaded onto Santa’s sleigh for all the good boys and girls who still want to unwrap one in less than three weeks.

Again, that’s less than three weeks Microsoft. Make it happen. Please, we’ve been ever so good.  Let’s just hope scalpers are prevented from securing it all – aka the Grinchs of 2020.

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