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Xbox Series X Stock Availability ‘Flickering’ On Official Store

Xbox Series X stock has been low since the initial round of pre-orders started. But now there may be a glimmer of hope for those who failed to secure one first time around.

Microsoft has been fortunate to have had an overwhelmingly positive response to the Xbox Series X. Both influencers and critics have been complimentary in their reviews, so the console looks to be an enormous success.

The console is coming out around the same time as the PS5. However, both consoles (and their digital-only versions) have been out of stock for some time.

Xbox Restock Sold Out

While the Xbox Series S retained stock for a few weeks after pre-orders went live, that too is now sold out.

Despite the enthusiastic pre-orders, both the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X stock is very low for launch – meaning many gamers will be disappointed.

Xbox Series X Stock Available?

But according to reliable Twitter user and Amazon affiliate @Wario64; Xbox Series X stock is flickering between ‘available’ and ‘out of stock’ on the official Microsoft Store.

Those who are desperate to get their hands on an Xbox Series X should consider this and keep an eye on the website during the next few days.

While success isn’t guaranteed, it’s certainly worth a shot and may represent the only pre-order method currently available to Xbox fans.

It makes sense for the official store to be doing this; if anyone’s going to have spare Xbox Series X stock – it’s Microsoft themselves.

Although we don’t think this is necessarily a deliberate move by Microsoft. It may turn out to be a website error.

Or we could be wrong, and Microsoft could be releasing Xbox Series X stock for pre-order as and when it becomes available. So far, the company hasn’t commented on this or offered any explanation for it.

So, what have you got to lose, check the official Xbox Store and try your luck!

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