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Xbox Series X Sold Out Again Within Minutes in the UK

Those who were hoping today would be the day they’d get hold of their Xbox Series X are leaving empty-handed once again.

Yesterday, UK retailer Currys PC World made the announcement that it was replenishing its stock of Xbox Series X/S devices. The next-gen consoles were set to go live at 12pm today.

Despite not seeing much interest on the page’s Facebook post, it seems that fans were eager to get hold of the rare items. So much so, that over 8000 users were in the queue for the Series X, even after it was out of stock.

Currys Xbox Queue
(Source: Currys PC World)

Only minutes after the offer went live, Currys reported that the Series X has sold out completely. This left a lot of fans without their elusive pre-order, and many users are unhappy with the service.

What’s interesting is that the Currys PC World Facebook page only posted the link to the pre-order page at 12:09pm. At this point, the Xbox Series X had practically already sold out.

Some Xbox Series X Fans Were Able to Cheat the System

It’s entirely possible that the Xbox was nearly impossible for regular users to get their hands on. After all, some tech-savvy fans found out that it was possible to bypass the queue completely.

According to a user on the Xbox Series X subreddit, it was actually quite simple to skip the queue for the device. Users who hit the escape key prior to the countdown taking them to the order page could purchase an Xbox with no wait.

At this point, the Xbox Series X was selectable. Hitting escape again when the next page loaded bypassed the queue once more and a £5 deposit could be paid to reserve the Series X.

A number of users on Reddit confirm that this trick made it possible for them to obtain a pre-order. It seems unfair that most users had to wait for consoles that were never going to be available.

However, perhaps all is fair in love and next-gen console pre-orders?

Target Xbox Series X/S In-Store Restocks Begin Today - October 17

It’s not bad news for all fans, however. In fact, some users are posting to Twitter, showing off their shiny new pre-orders.

For those who are still yet to manage to grab the upcoming device, it’s not the end of the road. There’s still another month until the next-gen console launches, and some retailers are due for another wave of stock soon.

What’s more, be thankful that you’re not more of a Sony fan. Those who want a shot at the new PlayStation are currently being told that the PS5 pre-orders may be delayed until 2021.

At least Xbox pre-orders are still likely to be available this year. We just hope that the next time we hear an Xbox Series X/S restock is happening, there’s actually a chance to get one.

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