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Xbox Series X/S Unboxing Videos Take the Internet by Storm

You know launch is just around the corner when the Series X and S are being unboxed all across the internet.

With just days remaining until the Xbox Series X and Series S launch, unboxing videos have gone live all over the internet. It seems that more than a few content creators and media outlets have a Series X/S to show off.

Xbox Series X/S
(Source: Microsoft)

Now, we finally get our look under the hood of the Xbox Series X packaging. The sight will soon become familiar to many players as launch day arrives, but for now, we’ll have to make do with looking on from a distance.

The Xbox Series X Unboxing

As you open up the Xbox Series X’s box, you’ll notice that the console is immediately on display. Encased in a foam layer, the Xbox Series X makes its grand entrance the second the lid is lifted.

(Source: IGN)

The Xbox itself is further wrapped for added protection, and a ‘Power Your Dreams’ banner surrounds the console. Behind the Xbox, a large box can be found containing the cables and peripherals of the device.

This includes a new Xbox controller, power cable, and HDMI 2.1 cable. The controller even comes with its own batteries, meaning that the device is ready to go from the moment of opening.

The Xbox Series S Unboxing

When it comes to the Xbox Series S, things aren’t too much different. As you might imagine, the console’s box is noticeably smaller than the Series X.

(Source: IGN)

Again, the box opens from the top while staying attached at the back, leading to easy opening. The packaging for the Series S does appear somewhat less sleek than with the Series X, however.

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Sticking with a light theme to match the white Series S, we get cardboard packaging instead of black foam. The controller’s white variant looks beautiful, though, and it more than makes up for the slightly less spectacular boxing.

As we saw with yesterday’s new pictures of the Xbox Series X/S in a home setting, the Series S is smaller than anticipated. It’s actually hard to believe that this tiny package is a next-gen console.

If you’re one of the lucky fans who managed to place an Xbox Series X/S pre-order, the release date is right around the corner. And for those looking to make the most of their day, here’s how to set up your Xbox Series X/S faster on launch day.

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