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Xbox Series X/S Restock: Target, Best Buy, Walmart, & GameStop Expected to Drop This Week – May 3-9

It’s another week for those waiting on an Xbox Series X/S restock – here are the retailers to watch from May 3-9.

It’s the beginning of a new month for Xbox Series X/S hunters, and May will hopefully be better for drops than April was.

In fact, Microsoft is already predicting that the Xbox Series X/S stock shortage is about to end!

With the company reporting record earnings thanks to the success of the Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft is likely investing its resources into getting more consoles into the hands of gamers everywhere.

Take a look at all of last week’s Xbox Series X/S restocks here!

And with that in mind, here’s where to watch for Xbox Series X/S restocks from May 3-9.

All Xbox Series X/S Restocks May 3-9

Target Xbox Series X/S Restock Date

Xbox Series X|S at Target

Target Xbox Series X/S Restock Date: This Week (Rumored)

This is one of the most reliable retailers to nab a PS5 from, and Target dropped a new Xbox Series X/S restock just last week. We’re hoping for another mid-week drop this Wednesday, but we’re still waiting on word from restock insiders right now.

After over 6 weeks of no luck from Target, the retailer finally had a drop, which means that the store may well have a number of consoles left over. Could the retailer finally move back to being one of the regular restockers now that we’re out of the April draught?

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Best Buy Xbox Series X/S Restock Date

Xbox Series X|S at Best Buy

Best Buy Xbox Series X/S Restock Date: Early This Week (Rumored)

Despite weeks of silence on the restock front, Best Buy launched a surprise drop on Monday, April 26. This is unlikely to be the company’s last restock, seeing as reports suggest that a big PS5 launch is also coming.

Xbox restock tracker Matt Swider reports that Best Buy could be looking to restock early this week. However, nothing is set in stone just yet.

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Walmart Xbox Series X/S Restock Date

Xbox Series X|S at Walmart

Walmart Xbox Series X/S Restock: Thursday, May 6 (Rumored)

When it comes to Walmart, the last time we saw Xbox Series X/S consoles in stock was last week, exclusively through Xbox All Access. Before that, it’s been a long wait since mid-March.

Some fans believe that this recent restock means that more consoles will be dropping this week. If this is indeed the case, we expect can perhaps expect them to drop alongside the PS5 which is rumored for a Thursday, May 6 release.

When Walmart restocks, expect to see several waves of new stock going live. However, there’s one major issue with buying an Xbox from Walmart

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GameStop Xbox Series X/S Restock Date

Xbox Series X|S restock at GameStop

GameStop Xbox Series X/S Restock: Wednesday, May 5 (Rumored)

After dropping consoles on Wednesdays for the last few weeks, we’re reasonably confident that GameStop will repeat the pattern on May 5. The retailer often sells its Xbox Series X/S exclusively in bundles, so you may pay a little extra on this one.

However, GameStop’s reliability puts it as one of the top spots to secure your Series X or S console.

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Antonline Xbox Series X/S Restock Date

Xbox Series X|S restock at Antonline

Antonline Xbox Series X/S Restock: This Week (Rumored)

As far as retailers go, Antonline is definitely one of the most consistent. The online store tends to drop Xbox Series X/S restocks once a week, with limited capacity, and this week’s April 30 drop sold out in seconds.

Bear in mind, Antonline always sells Xbox Series X/S restocks in bundles, meaning that you’ll be paying a higher price for the console. However, it’s been known to be one of the easiest stores to buy from – and bundles can help stop scalpers from grabbing the Xbox first!

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Amazon Xbox Series X/S Restock Date

Xbox Series X|S restock at Amazon

Amazon Xbox Series X/S Restock Date: Unknown

Despite being the largest online retailer, Amazon is a mystery when it comes to Xbox restocks. There’s no telling when the Series X will go live again, although some stock was released on Tuesday, April 20.

With that in mind, some hopeful Xbox fans believe that the store could drop another round of restocks early this week. Check back soon as we’ll be covering all the latest drops as they arrive.

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Microsoft Xbox Series X/S Restock Date

Xbox Series X|S restock at Microsoft Store

Microsoft Xbox Series X/S Restock Date: Thursday, May 6 (Rumored)

Buying a console from Microsoft directly tends to be the best option when it comes to getting a fair price. However, it’s often hard to tell exactly when the company is dropping stock.

That said, Microsoft has been dropping Xbox Series X/S restocks on Thursdays for the last few weeks now. We expect that the trend will continue on May 6.

That’s all we know about the Xbox restocks from May 3-9 right now, but be sure to stay tuned for updated information as it arrives.

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