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Xbox Series X/S Restock In-Store at GameStop – June 16

Finding an Xbox Series X/S is getting easier, and GameStop is about to drop a new in-store restock.

If you’re still on the hunt for a next-gen device, you’re in luck. After all, you won’t even have to race scalpers to this Xbox Series X/S restock!

Lately, we’ve been hearing about more retailers stocking next-gen consoles in-store. Soon, we’ll get to a point where this is the norm, just as it is with last-gen consoles, but for now, it’s a good start.

xbox series x s
(Source: Microsoft)

Recently, Walmart began restocking Xbox Series X/S devices in-store, and now we’re hearing similar reports from GameStop too.

Still on the hunt for an Xbox Series X/S? This week is an excellent week for restocks:
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GameStop Xbox Series X/S Restock – June 16

GameStop is about to be the latest store to have an Xbox Series X/S restock on June 16, but there’s one major change.

In a new tweet, GameStop confirms that it will have Xbox Series X/S consoles in-store tomorrow. If you’re sick of waiting for online restocks, heading to your local retailer might just be your best shot at a new console.

In a follow-up tweet, GameStop confirms that the Xbox Series X/S restock is coming to all of its stores. However, it does suggest that consumers call ahead to check that stock is available in your local store.

Xbox Series X S
(Source: Microsoft)

And while several users reply that their local GameStop claims not to have Xbox Series X/S to sell, others confirm the news of a restock at their local retailer.

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Strangely, the retailer also confirms the presence of Nintendo Switch consoles, only days after GameStop leaked the ‘New Nintendo Switch’. From what we can tell, the company is only talking about the regular model here.

Recently, Microsoft claimed that the Xbox Series X/S shortage is almost over, and it looks like there’s some truth to that claim.

But after an incredible E3 showcase, more people are probably looking to get their hands on an Xbox than ever before. Check out all these Xbox Game Pass announcements for 2021 alone and you’ll understand the hype!

And don’t forget that if you’re a Windows 10 or Xbox One user, you can reserve an Xbox Series X/S today!

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