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Xbox Series X/S Restock: Best Buy, Target, Antonline, Walmart & More Expected to Drop This Week – July 19-25

It’s another week for those waiting on an Xbox Series X/S restock – here are the retailers to watch from July 19-25.

We’re more than a couple of weeks into July now, and it’s finally been a big week for Xbox Series X/S restocks. We predict that Microsoft isn’t letting up anytime soon though!

Recently, we learned that Xbox is working on more narrative games than ever before. And if you’re more of a Multiplayer fan, we just got new leaks for the Halo Infinite and Call of Duty Vanguard release dates!

But thankfully, we hear that the Xbox Series X/S shortage is almost over, according to Microsoft.

Find all of last week’s Xbox Series X/S restocks here!

Without further ado, here are the retailers to watch for Xbox Series X/S restocks from July 19-25.

All Xbox Series X/S Restocks July 19-25

Best Buy Xbox Series X/S Restock

Xbox Series X|S at Best Buy

Best Buy Xbox Series X/S Restock Date: July 20-22 (Rumored)

In 6 out of the last 8 weeks, Best Buy has been able to drop Xbox Series X/S stock for next-gen console hunters. This makes it one of our top places to look for an Xbox restock in the coming week.

Usually, Best Buy restocks take place between Tuesday and Thursdays so be sure to keep your ear to the ground. We’ll be sure to update you as more information emerges with regards to this week’s drop.

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Target Xbox Series X/S Restock

Xbox Series X|S at Target

Target Xbox Series X/S Restock Date: This Week (Rumored)

There’s great news for those looking to find their Xbox Series X/S at Target. After all, the retailer recently revealed that it’s making MAJOR changes to its Xbox Series X/S restocks.

In case you missed the news, Xbox consoles are no longer getting restock waves at Target stores. Instead, consoles will simply drop when they arrive in stock.

This is an excellent sign that shows we’re truly coming to the end of the Xbox shortage – but consoles are still suffering from heavy demand.

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Antonline Xbox Series X/S Restock

Xbox Series X|S at Antonline

Antonline Xbox Series X/S Restock Date: Early This Week (Rumored)

Last week, Antonline finally returned to form with an Xbox Series X restock. However, we had none the week prior, and only Series S stock before then.

Before the recent disappointment, Antonline was one of our top spots to find an Xbox Series X/S. And now, it’s looking like the online-only retailer could be back.

Bear in mind, Antonline always sells Xbox Series X/S restocks in bundles, meaning that you’ll be paying a higher price for the console. However, it’s been known to be one of the easiest stores to buy from – and bundles can help stop scalpers from grabbing the Xbox first!

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Walmart Xbox Series X/S Restock

Xbox Series X|S restock at Walmart

Walmart Xbox Series X/S Restock Date: This Week (Rumored)

After two weeks of waiting, we finally got the Xbox Series X/S restock we were hoping for at Walmart on July 16. Given Walmart’s notorious shipping times, we wouldn’t expect the company to be ready for another drop so soon.

However, it’s worth noting that the company tends to be better at shipping out Xbox consoles than it does with PlayStation units. And with that in mind, perhaps another restock isn’t so unlikely after all.

But is Walmart secretly restocking Xbox consoles in its U.S. stores instead? If you’ve got a local retailer, it may be worth stopping in to see if there’s an Xbox already in stock!

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GameStop Xbox Series X/S Restock

Xbox Series X|S restock at GameStop

GameStop Xbox Series X/S Restock Date: This Week (Rumored)

After weeks of waiting, we finally saw a GameStop restock on July 15. A couple of weeks before that, we got a huge GameStop Xbox restock actually in-store, and we expect to see another drop again soon.

However, given how long we went without a restock this month, we don’t expect the retailer to have another drop so soon. It seems that signing up for GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards Pro membership will net you a better chance at the Xbox restock if it goes live again this week.

What’s more, it appears that Apple Pay is the best way to checkout your new Xbox Series X/S, with LordOfRestocks on Twitter dubbing the payment method “GameStop’s weakness”.

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Microsoft Xbox Series X/S Restock

Xbox Series X|S restock at Microsoft Store

Microsoft Xbox Series X/S Restock: July 20

As we predicted, Microsoft finally went live with a Xbox Series X/S restock last week, after 4 weeks of waiting. And Microsoft has another drop for us again this week!

It looks like Microsoft has new Xbox Series X/S consoles in-stock today, July 20!

Buying an Xbox Series X/S from Microsoft itself guarantees a good price and quick shipping, but it’s surprisingly not the most reliable restocker.

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Amazon Xbox Series X/S Restock

Xbox Series X|S at Amazon

Amazon Xbox Series X/S Restock: July 21

There’s no way to predict when Amazon will be dropping Xbox consoles, as the online retailer appears to pick dates completely at random. The exception to the rule was last month, where we were able to predict a restock for Amazon Prime Day.

Now that Prime Day is over, we’ve seen the retailer go live with Xbox Series X and S stock. But one Amazon employee is leaking thousands of extra PS5 consoles are ready to ship, so it’s not impossible that more Xbox Series X/S are in stock too!

UPDATE: Amazon is dropping new stock right now, July 21!

That’s all we know about the Xbox Series X/S restocks from July 19-25 right now, but be sure to stay tuned for updated information as it arrives.

And with Phil Spencer announcing plans for future Xbox studio acquisitions, could another big studio takeover be on the horizon?

Bear in mind that if you’re a Windows 10 or Xbox One owner, you can reserve an Xbox Series X/S now!

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