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Xbox Series X/S is Microsoft’s Most Successful Launch Ever

The Xbox Series X/S consoles are Microsoft’s most successful launch ever, according to a new earnings report.

When the Xbox Series X and Series S were first announced, some were skeptical as to just how well the devices would perform. Microsoft’s sales pitch, while boasting about the consoles’ incredible performance, appeared to show the devices as being more powerful existing Xbox devices.

Thanks to the company’s questionable naming decisions, and the rebranding of all Xbox One and Series X/S games to just ‘Xbox’ titles, there are still some fans being confused by the devices.

(Source: Xbox)

What’s more, there was very little incentive to grab the consoles on Day 1, due to a lack of major Xbox launch titles.

But it seems that none of this was enough to stop the Xbox Series X/S from being Microsoft’s most successful launch ever.

How Successful Is the Xbox Series X/S?

In a new earnings report, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella discussed the success of the Xbox Series X/S. According to the company boss, the next-gen release was a big one for Microsoft, with “the most devices ever sold in a launch month.”

Following this new success, Xbox Game Pass has an insane new total subscriber count.

For the first time ever, Microsoft surpassed $5 billion in gaming revenue alone. And it’s not just the company’s first-party developers that are benefiting from the success.

In fact, the company also reports that $2 billion in revenue came from third-party titles. These games, such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Yakuza: Like A Dragon, certainly helped to boost Xbox’s new launch.

(Source: Ubisoft)

It’s worth noting that this tremendous success all came following the delay of Day 1 title: Halo Infinite. We’d love to see Microsoft’s sales figures, had that groundbreaking title released as planned.

While we haven’t heard much about the major first-party title, new Halo Infinite battle royale details did recently leak.

Right now, Xbox Series X consoles are finally becoming available in stores. This news comes following increasing stock levels and scalpers growing increasingly desperate to shift the devices.

Even with the recent Microsoft u-turn on majorly increasing the Xbox Live Gold price, the company is still pumping out record profits. It’s good that those in charge were still willing to do right by the fans who protested the upcoming change.

Check out Microsoft’s full earnings report here.

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