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When Was the Xbox Series X/S Last In-Stock? September 2021

Want to know when the Xbox Series X/S was last in stock in some of the US’ biggest retailers in September 2021? We’ve got all the information you need:

We’re getting ever closer to the anniversary of the Xbox Series X/S launch and the next-gen console is still difficult to find.

Right now, it seems that the Xbox Series X is actually harder to buy than the PS5, for the first time since launch. But we’ve got eyes on a new wave of Xbox Series X/S restocks coming between September 27-October 3!

Recently, we’ve even seen Xbox Series X/S restocks arrive in-stores for walk-ins. Could this be the end of the Xbox scalper issue, as more retailers adapt to the world opening up once more?

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Most Recent Xbox Series X/S Restocks – September 2021

We’ve put together a list of the most recent Xbox Series X/S restocks for you below. Here are all the locations where we’ve seen the next-gen console drop most recently:

Xbox Series X Restock History

xbox series x restock
(Source: Microsoft)

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Xbox Series S Restock History

xbox series s restock
(Source: Microsoft)

Meanwhile, we’ve got all the details on when the PS5 was last in-stock here.

Target Xbox Series X/S In-Store Restocks Begin Today - October 17

There have been plenty of Xbox stock drops in September so far, and we’re hoping there are more to come!

Recently, we got a massive game mode leak for Halo Infinite Multiplayer! It seems that more than just a battle royale is on its way to 343 Industries’ shooter this holiday…

With thousands of gamers getting in line for the Xbox Series X’s first in-store restock of 2021, demand for the next-gen consoles is clearly very high still.

And Xbox’s Phil Spencer is giving us an idea of exactly when the Xbox One support will be ending!

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