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When Was the Xbox Series X/S Last In-Stock? – October 2021

Here is all the information you need to know about when the Xbox Series X/S was last in-stock at some of the biggest US retailers in October 2021.

The last few months have been a little slow when it comes to Xbox Series X/S restocks. Right now, Microsoft’s next-gen consoles are harder to come by than the PS5 for the first time ever.

Lately, major retailers have been returning to next-gen in-store restocks once more!

And with thousands of gamers queuing up to get their Xbox Series X in-store, it’s clear that demand is still incredibly high!

Rumor has it, Xbox is about to announce another massive acquisition too. If we get another Bethesda-level buyout, this could bring more huge exclusives to the Xbox platform.

Most Recent Xbox Series X/S Restocks – October 2021

To help you in your search, here’s a list of the last time the Xbox Series X/S was in stock at major US retailers. We’ll be updating the list when new drops arrive later in the month, so be sure to check back soon:

Xbox Series X Restock History

xbox series x restock
(Source: Microsoft)
  • Amazon: June 22
  • Antonline: October 22
  • Best Buy: October 7 (In-Store)
  • GameStop: October 12 & 14
  • Microsoft Store: October 21
  • Target: October 1
  • Walmart: October 7

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Xbox Series S Restock History

xbox series s restock
(Source: Microsoft)
  • Amazon: October 18
  • Antonline: October 18
  • Best Buy: September 27
  • GameStop: September 16
  • Microsoft Store: September 23
  • Target: Various (Dependent on location)
  • Walmart: September 23

And be sure to check out when the PS5 was last in-stock here!

Rumor has it, there will be plenty of upcoming Xbox stock drops in October 2021, so stay tuned for the latest information!

And if you missed out on Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle Tech Preview, this likely won’t be your last chance to go hands-on with the upcoming shooter.

With a recent massive game mode leak for Halo Infinite surfacing online, there’s more to experience than ever coming to the franchise.

Meanwhile, the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X will be back at this retailer shortly! The Limited Edition consoles are selling for insane money on eBay already, however.

And there’s even more Halo Infinite Wireless Elite Controller Series 2 restocks dropping soon!

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