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Unconfirmed Video Shows Xbox Series X Console Smoking [UPDATED]

Only a day after the launch of the Xbox Series X/S, one user’s next-gen hardware has reportedly already caught fire.

In an unintentional new feature, it seems that the Xbox Series X may be prone to catching fire. This comes after one Reddit user posted regarding a friend’s device that was heavily smoking.

An update has been provided for this story here.

Although the Xbox fan hasn’t posted a lot of information regarding the incident, a video of the Xbox Series X can be seen. The device is heavily smoking, as though the internals are aflame.

xbox series x
(Source: Microsoft)

Presumably, the new owner didn’t leave the device plugged in, as it would almost certainly have burst into flame. Due to the console’s cuboid shape, the Xbox Series X may soon draw comparison to a chimney, should this issue occur again.

It’s important to note that we don’t know the full details of the incident right now. If this was an Xbox Series X fresh out of the box, this issue should concern Microsoft fans everywhere.

Xbox Series X – A Risk of Fire?

However, the Reddit user who posted the clip of the smoking Xbox does state that the video is “unfortunately real.” From what we can gather, the account user’s friend has a faulty Xbox that began to smoke after turning on.

xbox series x setting on fire?
(Source: Microsoft)

The Xbox is one of the US models, but no further details have yet been revealed. We’ve reached out to the Reddit user in order to get further information on the story.

However, it’s important to note that this occurrence is an isolated event, as of now. If the Xbox Series X does have a problem with lighting on fire, we’ll soon know.

It’s entirely possible that the video is set up in an effort to get attention in the Xbox launch period. In the past, trolls have been known to get hold of the latest consoles, only to destroy them in front of fans who are yet to get hold of their own.

1 of 2 Xbox Series X ‘Smoking’ Examples

It could well be that the Reddit user is just the latest in a long line of internet trolls. Until we get further word from them, or from Microsoft, there’s no way to tell.

UPDATE: A Polish Xbox fan has also had a similar issue with their Xbox Series X. This time, far more smoke is visible.
Another Xbox Series X ‘Smoking’

The Twitter poster claims that the console was only active in the menu for a few minutes before the smoke began pouring out. With this second issue coming to light, it appears that this was not an isolated problem after all.

Another Xbox Series X Issue: Xbox Series X Users Experiencing Worryingly Loud Disc Drive

Update 2: A new video from an Xbox fan account shows that these smoking Xbox clips could still be staged. Due to the shape of the Xbox Series X console, it’s possible to use a vape to make it look like the next-gen Xbox is on fire.

This doesn’t confirm the truth either way, but it’s certainly worth taking into account.

Previously, we put up a post detailing how to solve all known Xbox Series X/S issues. We don’t think this one has a solution, however.

Although no Xbox Series X/S reviews have stated that the console has an issue with catching on fire, it’s still possible to have a defective unit. As it happens, though, the Xbox Series X has lower temperatures than the PS4 Pro – at least in theory.

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