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Xbox Series X Name Confusion As Sales Of Xbox One X Consoles Rise Sharply

Unless you’re in the know, telling one Xbox apart from another is becoming increasingly difficult. This has become most apparent in the past 24 hours as the Xbox Series X name is causing confusion.

Xbox Series X and Series S pre-orders went live on the 22nd September and since then there’s been a couple of surprises. Sales of the Xbox One X have exponentially increased, as have the reports of people accidentally buying the wrong Xbox.

Since the 22nd of September, sales of the Xbox One X have risen by 747% on Amazon alone. This is staggering, and clearly not a coincidence.

What's Causing The Xbox Series X Name Confusion

If we’re being honest, we’re not surprised. Xbox console names have become a hodgepodge of random words and letters with certain ones being overused.

It’s easy to see why people are getting confused. In fact, before the 22nd of September, Amazon and other retails search results for the Xbox Series X would direct shoppers to the Xbox One X instead.

It’s reasonable to believe that many shoppers will have mistaken the older console for the most recent and purchased it by mistake. The fact is, their names are very similar.

Committed gamers are likely to know the difference between the Xbox Series X and it’s older sibling. The consoles look different for a start, and the Xbox One family represents the previous generation.

But more casual gamers, or family members buying their loved ones a new Xbox are unlikely to know their Xs from their Ones. After all, both names contain the letter X three times.

The Xbox Console Name Problem

In our view, the problem is Microsoft names simply seem to display a lack of imagination. Or absence of logic. Even the code names Scorpio and Scarlett were more creative compared to Ones and Series Xs.

While we understood the concept of the Xbox One, the fact that it was the third console made the name a little awkward and contradictory. It also required them to rebrand the original Xbox – something fans had previously referred to as the Xbox one.

While Sony’s approach is equally unimaginative, if the concept isn’t broke then there’s no need to fix it. At least it’s not causing any confusion.

We’re not sure why Microsoft has opted to name its Xbox consoles the way it has. Surely these problems were anticipated before each name was decided on.

But now the lack of creativity issue has come home to roost and Microsoft customers are buying one product thinking it’s another. While the error is their own, Microsoft haven’t made it easy for them.

While this issue could damage Microsoft in the short term, they’ll likely shoulder it and recover quickly. But for consumers this creates unnecessary upset, confusion and difficulty that it really didn’t need to cause.

The mild backlash to the rather dull name caused a Microsoft representative to state, "The name we're carrying forward to the next generation is simply Xbox." Meaning Microsoft are already losing faith in the name Xbox Series X and are attempting a soft rebrand.

But for those who’ve bought the wrong console, this will provide little comfort.