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Xbox Series X Mini Fridges Are in Production, Available Soon

If you’ve ever wanted a mini fridge to go alongside your Xbox Series X gaming, you’re in luck.

Ever since it was first announced, gamers have been comparing the Xbox Series X to a fridge. It’s a fair comparison, especially given the device’s vertical stature and wide physique.

Xbox itself even poked fun at the comparison, gifting some lucky fans with a full-size Xbox Series X fridge. Ever since then, people have been dying to get their hands on one of their very own.

xbox series x
(Source: Xbox)

And now it looks like we’ll be in with an actual chance, thanks to the outcome of a certain social media competition.

Xbox Beats Skittles in Twitter Competition

After a fierce competition, the Xbox Twitter account beat out Skittles in the final round of Twitter Marketing’s Best of Tweets Brand Bracket.

Despite going up against Spotify, MTV, and even Skittles, Xbox reigned supreme in the end. While PlayStation didn’t make it into the brackets, we imagine there were a lot of Sony fanboys backing Skittles this time around.

And for good reason too! If Skittles won, the social media account promised to bring back the iconic lime flavor to its confectionary product. However, Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg made an even more appealing promise to fans everywhere.

If Xbox was declared the victor, Greenberg promised to put the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge officially into production. And, with 50.5% of the vote securing Xbox the win, it looks like that dream is finally becoming a reality.

We know that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson already has a special Xbox Mini Fridge to go with his unique Series X console. Because of this, we’re a little suspicious that Microsoft had this production planned regardless of the competition results.

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Regardless, the first Xbox Series X Mini Fridge off the assembly line is heading over to Skittles HQ, to show that there’s no love lost between the brands.

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