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Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Exclusively Available In-Store at Target

It looks like the Xbox Series X mini fridge will only be available in-store in Target from now on – find out all of the details.

It seems like the only thing more difficult to get than the actual Xbox Series X is a mini fridge that looks just like one.

While the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge pre-orders at Target sold out immediately, some lucky Xbox fans have been able to get them since. Although, there is a lot of confusion about where you can actually buy them.

Luckily, Target has just issued an update about where these console-shaped coolers will be on sale. Check out all of the Target Xbox mini fridge details below.

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Xbox Mini Fridge

Xbox Series X Mini Fridge is Now Target In-Store Exclusive

Following reports of the Xbox Series X mini fridge being available in some US Target stores, the retailer has now provided more information on how players can get one.

In the new weekly target ad, the retailer has revealed where you can now buy an Xbox Series X mini fridge.

According to the ad, they are “available only in stores”. This means you won’t be able to order an Xbox fridge online anymore.

Although, there’s never been a better time to buy a console online. Microsoft is now sending out Xbox Series X invites to customers.

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Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

Unfortunately, the ad does not give any more details about which stores you will be able to find. We don’t even know when the mini fridge stock will go on sale either.

This will, no doubt, be disappointing for Xbox fans who are desperate to get their hands on a fridge. However, we recommend checking your local Target to see if it has any – you might get lucky!

Also, if you’re after an Xbox Series X console, as well as the fridge, we’ve got you covered:

Meanwhile, rumors suggest that Target has been stockpiling consoles for a huge Black Friday restock. This is huge news for gamers who are still desperate to snag a new console in time for Christmas.

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