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Xbox Series X Loading Time Of Monster Hunter World Compared With Xbox One

The Xbox Series X loading time has been put to the test in a recent YouTube video from TechMafia. The video compares the loading speed of Monster Hunter World on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Xbox One X.

Naturally, the aim of the experiment was to see how much faster the Xbox Series X is. As well as how it compares to older consoles using the same software.

Microsoft has stated that the Xbox Series X is the "most powerful console of all time". So an experiment such as this may be an effective way to put that claim to the test.

To make the test fair, the video shows all three consoles loading Monster Hunter World at the same time. It also features an iPad in the middle, clearly displaying how many seconds have passed.

Breaking Down The Xbox Series X Loading Time

The video shows the Xbox Series X booting the game within what looks to be 7 seconds. The commentator himself also expresses shock at the console only taking 7 seconds to load.

After 32 seconds, the Xbox One X is the next one to load. A whole 25 seconds later than the Xbox Series X.

This means that according to the video, the Xbox Series X loading time is over three times faster than the Xbox One X – at least when loading Monster Hunter World.

The Xbox One is still loading the game even after the 1-minute mark. Leading the commentator to actually start ridiculing the older console and suspecting it of crashing.

The last console finally loads Monster Hunter World; 1 minute and 17 seconds into the video. This means that the Xbox Series X beat the Xbox One by one minute and 10 seconds.

As the Xbox Series X loaded Monster Hunter World in 7 seconds and the original Xbox One took 77 seconds; this makes the Xbox Series X over 10 times faster than the Xbox One. Which is pretty staggering.

We’ve previously compared the Xbox Series X cold boot time to that of the PS5. But after watching this video, we can say we are suitably impressed by the Xbox Series X loading times.

Let’s just hope that more stock arrives soon after the Xbox Series X sold out within minutes. The Xbox Series X also seems to be selling far more consoles than the smaller Xbox Series S, which hasn’t run out of stock yet.

This way viewers could verify the accuracy of the test for themselves. Here’s what happened: