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Xbox Series X Is Already Being Distributed And Now Has Its Own Emoji

With just under a month until the Xbox Series X releases, the console is already on its way.

The Xbox Series X has already started arriving in warehouses for distribution. According to a new image making the rounds on the internet, pallets of the next-gen hardware are ready to ship.

From here, the devices will likely be sent off to retailers who will then store them for release day. It’s interesting to think that every console currently displayed on these pallets is already sold to a customer.

Xbox Series X Warehouse
(Source: Reddit)

Warehouses are full of the Xbox Series X that have already been sold, and none of the devices are available for purchase. There’s always a chance that one or two will be available at retailers in the launch window, however.

With only a month before the console arrives in households, excitement levels are at an all-time high. It must be a busy time to be a warehouse worker right now, and we imagine that it’s torturous to be working around a console that you won’t get to open for another 30 days.

Xbox Series X’s Custom Emoji

What’s more, the console has its own emoji, allowing fans to share their excitement for the launch across social media. Those tweeting about the upcoming device can use the exclusive emoji to show off their hype levels.

Xbox Emoji
(Source: XboxSeriesXInfo)

When using the hashtag #Xbox, #XboxSeriesX, or #PowerYourDreams, the emoji will automatically appear for use. This hasn’t been enough to get the console trending just yet, but it’s a nice touch nonetheless.

The PlayStation 5 hashtag has been active for a while now too, with a white DualSense controller emoji following it. One thing’s for certain, it’s going to be a long months wait before we all get our hands on the new hardware.

Target Xbox Series X/S In-Store Restocks Begin Today - October 17

According to a new poll, we now know which next-gen console will sell the most in the US. Interestingly, despite both Microsoft and Sony stock selling out worldwide, it wasn’t as close a race as you’d think.

That said, the Xbox Series S stock is still available as players prioritize next-gen power. It appears that most gamers want a significant upgrade with the Series X, rather than buying the weaker baby brother.

Perhaps that’s why we didn’t get a Xbox Series S hashtag too.

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