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Xbox Series X In Stock at Amazon Right Now – March 31

Amazon restocked the Xbox Series X on March 31 and still has the consoles in stock – here’s how to get one!

The Xbox Series X has been pretty hard to come by ever since the console came out at the end of 2020. However, it has become more readily available over the last few weeks.

First, Target had Xbox Series X stock for sale in stores and now Amazon has just dropped a huge restock. What’s more, the consoles are still in stock right now.

Here’s what you need to know about buying an Xbox Series X from Amazon on March 31.

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Xbox Series X

Amazon Xbox Series X Restock – March 31

Gamers have waited a while for Amazon to restock the Xbox Series X. Now, the retailer has finally dropped its stock on March 31.

As usual, this Xbox Series X restock from Amazon is exclusive for Prime Members. Plus, this restock is just for the console, meaning that you don’t have to buy an expensive bundle to get your new Xbox!

Even if it has been in stock for a while, we recommend purchasing it as soon as you can if you’re interested. You still need to make sure to beat the scalpers to your Xbox Series X and they could sell out at any moment.

Check to see if the Xbox Series X is still in stock at Amazon Below:

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Xbox Series X Console

Hopefully, the Xbox Series X will stay in stock at Amazon for a while. There is still a huge demand for the console however the supply seems to be catching up now.

We will update this article when the Xbox Series X sells out on Amazon.

In other news, the Microsoft Store is letting gamers build their own Xbox Series X bundle. Even if you miss out on a console from Amazon, the Microsoft Store holds regular restocks.

Finally, if you’re buying a new Xbox, you’ll need some games to play. Check out the most anticipated Xbox Series X games of 2022!

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