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How To Find More Xbox Series X Filtering Options

Xbox Store now offers players the ability to filter games based on their visual capabilities, such as 120fps and ray tracing filtering.

While the update has been available for a while (yes, thanks Reddit), it’s now possible to filter games on the Xbox Store by their technical capabilities and visual fidelity.

To put it simply, you can choose to search for games that offer 120fps, HDR, 60fps, or ray tracing, so that the search engine ignores games that don’t provide this. It’s neat and will help players identify which games offer what when it comes to high-end visuals.

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It also saves players needing to research which games can handle what separately. The list will keep updating as more and more games receive upgrades and patches with these options.

For example, each time an Xbox One game is upgraded to feature HDR, 60fps, or ray tracing, it will move into one of these categories.

It’s a small change, but it’s an awesome one for those who want to make the most out of their new hardware. Check it out, with the newest Xbox Game Pass titles!

Why The New Xbox Series X Filters Are Helpful

When it comes to older games, the feature will be especially useful. Xbox One and 360 games are getting upgraded all the time now, especially since the Xbox Series X launched its FPS boost last month.

Now players will be able to take advantage of this more easily. They’ll also be able to tell which games have received what upgrades and which ones have not.

As more games release or receive upgrades to work with modern visual technology, these filters may become less important. But right now, they help us see what is truly next-gen and what may still be living in the 30fps HD past.

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You can find these features in the general search engine of the Xbox Store. They can all be selected or one at a time. So go nuts!

Speaking of visual upgrades, Xbox is planning HD streaming for their Cloud Gaming service too. This should upscale Xbox Series X games when played on other devices.

Bethesda may also offer us our first look at the Elder Scrolls 6 soon too. The news could come at the reported Bethesda conference later this month.

And, just like the Bethesda acquisition, it looks like Microsoft is planning its next major buyout already!

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