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Xbox Series X/S Controllers Have a Secret Feature

A secret feature on the Xbox Series X/S controller may offer clues about future Xbox services and functionality.

We feel like the Xbox Series X/S controller often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It’s often overshadowed by the more impressive and flashier PS5 DualSense controller.

It seems even Microsoft is aware that the Xbox Series X/S controller is trailing behind the DualSense. As last year they sent out a survey asking Xbox owners what DualSense features they’d like to see on Xbox controllers going forward.

While the PS5 may be winning (so far) when it comes to controllers, that doesn’t mean that the new Xbox gamepad isn’t a triumph. Not to mention an improvement over the Xbox One controller in every way.

In fact, its greatest strength may be relatively unknown, with the true value of it yet to manifest. We’re talking about the Xbox Series X/S controller’s compatibility with external devices.

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Xbox Series X/S Controller Compatibility

The Xbox Series X/S controller has the nifty ability to remember any devices it was one synced with, enabling it to do it again quickly. It allows users to conveniently switch between multiple devices instantly, without needing to go through set-up again.

Those who enjoy using their controller to play Android games or their Xbox Game Pass titles through their PC; can with minimal fuss. While this doesn’t sound that impressive, this simple feature may become all-important throughout the current-gen.

In 2021, we’re used to accessories connecting to multiple devices without any fuss. But this functionality may give us an insight into Microsoft’s plans for Xbox’s future.

The Future of Xbox As A Brand

In recent years, Microsoft has suggested that services like Xbox Game Pass may outlive Xbox consoles. This would allow the brand to continue should they lose ‘the console war’ and take a similar route to Sega.

While Xbox isn’t planning on going anywhere for a long time, Xbox Game Pass, Project xCloud, and cloud gaming, in general, gives Microsoft options.

One day they may decide to stop producing consoles by choice, instead allowing their brand to evolve.

They could become a digital gaming subscription service through xCloud and Xbox Game pass, like Google Stadia. – But with a much bigger infrastructure, exclusive games, and a legion of loyal fans.

Microsoft has even said they’d be open to their services appearing on Nintendo or PlayStation consoles. This would be quite revolutionary.

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But if PlayStation led the home console market, Nintendo led the portable market, Xbox could use their wildly successful Xbox Game Pass to sew up the digital market. This would then make the Xbox brand a commodity that Sony and Nintendo competed over for usage.

While this is all pie in the sky right now, it’s clearly a path Xbox is considering. And who knows if it could become a reality one day?

But the Xbox Series X/S controller having such seamless connectivity with portable devices seems like an essential factor in this scenario.

We suspect Microsoft is laying the groundwork now for a world where cloud gaming and the Xbox Game Pass become so much more important.

How to Connect Xbox Series X/S Controller to PC and Mobile

To sync your Xbox Series X/S controller to another device, hold down the sync button (which is on the top of the controller) until the Guide button flashes a few times. This also recalls the last device you connected to it.

You can also enter ‘Settings’ and do this manually; in fact, you may need to for the first time you sync. But it depends on the device in question.

You’ll have to select ‘Xbox controller’ in your device settings to complete the pairing. But once connected, your Xbox Series X/S controller should remember your device from now on.

Speaking of Xbox Game Pass – here’s the latest wave of games coming to the service. And that the service may soon be getting another major expansion

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