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Microsoft has revealed a series of official Xbox Series X Console Wraps, allowing fans to customize their console with one of three new designs.

These are the first set of Console Wraps and are more affordable than purchasing a limited edition console.

Designed specifically for Series X, these wraps fold around your console and are secured with a velcro enclosure. They have a custom, precision fit and are made with fabric, not vinyl sticker. All vents are clear, with small feet at the bottom to allow airflow.

Here are all the Xbox Series X Console Wraps available and where to pre-order them:

Starfield Xbox Wrap

The first Xbox Series X console wrap, inspired by Starfield, has a smooth white design and is releasing October 18th for $49.99 USD.

Starfield Xbox Series X Console Wrap

This console wrap also matches and pairs well with the new limited edition Starfield controller and headset.

Pre-orders for the new Starfield wrap have already started and are available exclusively from Microsoft Store:

You can see the Starfield console wrap in action as well as how it folds:

Mineral Camo Xbox Wrap

The Mineral Camo has a blue and purple color pallet and is releasing November 10th for $44.99 USD. Pre-order exclusively from Microsoft Store below:

This Mineral Camo also has a matching controller design!

Mineral Camo Xbox Series X Console Wrap

Arctic Camo Xbox Wrap

The Arctic Camo features a grey and white color pallet with soft microfiber outside fabric and is releasing November 10th for $44.99 USD.

Pre-orders are now live exclusively from Microsoft Store and only available in US and Canada.

Fans can also pair this console wrap with the Arctic Camo controller!

Arctic Camo Xbox Series X Console Wrap
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