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Xbox Series X | S Accessories: Prices, Compatibility, FAQs, and More

The Xbox Series X will be with us on the 10th November this year. And with its main rival the PS5 facing shortages at launch the console is expected sell well.

That's if the Xbox Series X (and the Xbox Series S) also don't face shortages themselves as a result of COVID-19.

But the real question is what gadgets will ship alongside Microsoft’s flagship games console? And what Xbox Series X accessories do we have to look forward to?

Every Confirmed Xbox Series X and Series S Accessory Confirmed So Far

Here’s a full breakdown of what we know is coming at launch. Note, not everything will be included with the console:

Xbox Wireless Controllers

To the untrained eye the Xbox Series X controller looks a lot like the Xbox One controller. If it’s not broke don’t fix it right?

But if you look a little closer, you’ll see that Microsoft have made some rather sweet upgrades. For starters the new controller has some new textures and finishes to make it more tactile and ergonomically pleasing.

The bumpers have also had a remodel. This is to let allow the controller to feel more natural in smaller hands. Where these changes won’t be noticed by adults, they will make gaming much more comfortable for youngsters.

In truth, the Xbox Series X controller has a lot in common with the Xbox One Elite controller. Certain elements like it’s matte finish and deeper d-pad are taken directly from it.

The controller will also feature a new share button to make posting content to friends easier and more seamless.

While it won’t be noticeable until in an intense gaming session, the controller’s latency is also highly reduced when compared to the Xbox One. This will allow the action to feel instantaneous and ‘real time’.

Carbon Black with Xbox Series X

Taking a page out of the Xbox One Elite Controller’s book, the Carbon Black Xbox Controller is designed to appeal to the old school Xbox player. As well as those who use their Xbox controller to play on PC.

Carbon Black Xbox Series X Wireless Controller

It come bundled with a wireless adapter for Windows 10 or a USB-C cable, depending on user preference. It can also be connected to a PC using traditional Bluetooth.

Robot White with Xbox Series S

The Robot White Xbox Controller will be bundled with the Xbox Series S and it’s design matches the console, just like the Carbon Black matches the Xbox Series X. Both controllers will work on either console.

Robot White Xbox Series S Wireless Controller

Shock Blue

A Shock Blue Xbox Controller will also be available at launch. This model is compatible with both the Xbox Series X and S but boasts a blue on black finish with a white back. This is our favourite!

Xbox Series X | S Shock Blue Wireless Controller

Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C Cable

Like previous generations of Xbox, the Xbox Series X controller will once again require AA batteries to function. Once again, the solution to this will cost you extra.

Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C Cable

A rechargeable battery and USB-C cable will be sold separately for $24.99 in the US. It will also cost £19.99 in the UK.

Seagate Storage Expansion Card

While sold separately, Microsoft have partnered with Seagate to create an additional storage unit. This will allow players to store an extra 1TB of data on an external drive.

This can be plugged into the console or removed at will. Then this will allow players to download more games or move games they’ve already downloaded to the external device.

The idea is this saves the player from needing to delete or uninstall their games. Then needing to re-download games to create SSD space.


There doesn’t appear to be any officially licensed headsets yet from Microsoft for the Xbox Series X. But a range of third-party devices are expected to work. As will any previous headsets that players used with the Xbox One.

Although there does appear to be some collaboration between Microsoft, Bang and Olufsen for something audio related. Neither party has confirmed what these plans are yet.


As far as Xbox Series X accessories go Microsoft has remained quiet on whether the console will be compatible with a camera or not. Either third-party of official.

The Kinnect has been officially ruled out, but we expect some form of third-party camera device will be available eventually.

The Xbox Series S

While not technically an Xbox Series X accessory, the Series X is a smaller and more affordable version of the Series X. The main difference is this model will not feature a disk drive, meaning games will need to be downloaded from the Xbox Marketplace.

The console will also have a smaller SSD, featuring 512GB of storage instead of the 1TB offered by the larger model. Aside from these key differences, and a different design, the Series X and Series S are the same.

Xbox Series X and Series S Accessories FAQs

How Much Will Each Xbox Series X Accessory Cost?

The new controller is estimated to retail at £60 in the UK, $70 in the US and $120 in Australia. Although we expect it to be a little bit more expensive at launch.

The additional Seagate external SSD is estimated to cost $219.99 in the United States, £169.99 in the UK and $300.34 in Australia.

How Much Will Each Console Cost?

The main Xbox Series X console is expected to cost $499 in the United States, £449 in the UK and $749 in Australia.

While the smaller and more affordable Xbox Series S is expected to cost £249 in the UK, $299 in the United States and $499 in Australia.

What Xbox One Accessories Work on Xbox Series X?

Microsoft have worked hard to make sure that any accessories purchased for the Xbox One, such as headsets and controllers, will also work on the Xbox Series X.

This is in stark contrast to the PS5 which will not be compatible with the PS4 controllers.

Which Xbox Series X Accessories Work on Xbox One?

As the majority of accessories will be third-party items, anything that works with the Xbox Series X will also work with the Xbox One.

Microsoft have confirmed that this also applies to the new controller. Although whether this continues to be the case with future accessories over the next few years remains to be seen.

What Accessories Come With The Xbox Series X?

As far as we know so far, the console will come bundled with a single controller, a HDMI cable and a power cord. All other Xbox Series X accessories will need to be purchased separately.

Expect package 'bundle' deals to appear offering accessories though.

Where Is The Kinnect?

While Kinnect had potential on the Xbox One, it never really recovered from its controversial beginnings. It then decreased in relevancy until it was quietly dropped.

As such the Kinnect has been retired and won’t be carrying over to the Xbox Series X. It’s also likely to be the only Xbox One accessory that isn’t compatible with the new console.

This fate is somewhat ironic when we think back to the launch of the Xbox One. When Kinnect was all important. Microsoft seem to be taking a different approach this time.

Where the PS5 announced a plethora of official new accessories launching alongside the console, the Xbox Series X is taking a more conservative approach.

Although the console being backwards compatible with accessories from the Xbox One could give it a major advantage come launch.

You can also read all about the accessories launching alongside the PS5 here.