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New Xbox Series X/S Stock Available Today At These UK Retailers

Xbox Series X & S stock has just become available in some UK retailers, but you'll have to be quick to nab one.

The Xbox Series X has been a monstrous success for Microsoft. The console is the company's bold step into the next generation of gaming, and in combination with their Xbox Game Pass, has become the ultimate gaming machine.

Stock has been a huge difficulty for gamers desperate to crack on with the new generation of games. Both the Series X and Playstation 5 have had limited stock drops, with both companies struggling to keep up with impossible demand.

Xbox Series S & X
The Xbox Series X & S

But, as luck would have it, more stock drops for the Series X have been taking place across the UK today, and it's likely there'll be more to come very soon.

However, even with limited stock, the Series X has officially become Microsoft's greatest console launch ever.

This Morning's UK Xbox Series X Drops

As reported by the Twitter account IGNUKDeals, the Xbox Series X became available in stock on both Amazon UK and GAME's online stores. These reports were true, but unfortunately, the case has changed.

Naturally, fans flocked to these sites, and the console has completely sold out already. Demand has become so high that the very moment fans learn of the console's availability, they're already gone.

However, the Series S is still available on Amazon at the time of writing. So if you don't mind picking up the X's little brother, it's there waiting for you.

The Series S is the perfect little Game Pass machine. It looks as though many people agree, as Xbox Game Pass's current subscriber count is insane.

Xbox Game Pass
Some of Xbox Game Pass's titles

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Sadly, these stock problems are the same with PlayStation 5 too. However, these sneaky drops that went unnoticed for some could be an indicator of more to come.

Their selling out isn't the end of the world, as it means that the UK is getting more console drops as time goes on. Hype is so large around the Series X that Microsoft is able to speed up production to ensure that we get our hands on their introduction to next-gen gaming.

Starting immediately, the UK is getting more Xbox consoles. The Series S remains in stock on Amazon, so their focus can remain on producing the Series X.

Plus, it means that impatient fans can choose to downgrade if they're too excited to wait.

Xbox series x and s
The Xbox Series X & S

This could be the start of something great for the stock of the Series X and S in the UK. And when new stock is available, we here at GamingIntel will be here to keep you updated.

Thankfully, increasing levels of PS5 and Xbox Series X stock indicate that scalpers are finally losing their grip.

In the US though, stock levels remain a problem. Walmart recently restocked the newest consoles three times, and STILL sold out.

It's a good time to get your hands on a new Xbox too, after Microsoft's U-turn on a controversial price hike.

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