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Xbox Series S Stock Available As Players Prioritize Next-Gen Power

It seems that next-gen early adopters prefer to get their hands on the Xbox Series X, rather than its budget younger brother.

Although both Xbox Series X and Series S are selling well, many retailers are noticing the latter lagging behind somewhat. Whenever a new wave of Xbox’s go on sale, the Series X is quickly sold out.

However, retailers such as Amazon are still boasting stock of the Series S, leading us to believe that sales are lacking by comparison. To find out why this is happening, we took to the fans.

A new poll by Xbox Series X News on Twitter shows that players believe the Series S isn’t powerful enough. For a next-gen console, the Series S certainly acts as a budget version, but it’s still a huge step up from the current generation.

Nearly 50% of voters on the poll indicate that they won’t be purchasing the device due to a lack of power. Around 30% of poll voters indicate that their decision was made due to the console’s digital-only nature.

Finally, the remaining 20% of users are happy to get their hands on the Xbox Series S. It’s a ‘series’ of interesting results, and it helps shed some light on why the Xbox Series S remains in stock.

Is the Xbox Series S Much Weaker Than the Series X?

The Xbox Series X is set to be the most powerful console on the market. It’s four times as powerful as the Xbox One X, with an incredible 12.15 teraflops of GPU power.

Xbox Series S and X
(Source: Xbox)

By comparison, the Xbox Series S specs are indicating that the device boasts 4 TFLOPS of power. This makes the Series S far less powerful than the Series X, but still far above the current generation of gaming.

The biggest change that users will see with the Xbox Series X over the Series S is resolution. The Xbox Series X is capable of 4K gaming, even at 60 FPS.

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This truly next-gen feature isn’t quite available on the Series S, however. Prioritizing framerate over resolution, the Series S can display 1440p gaming, between 60-120 FPS.

It’s still incredible next-gen, and the Series S is reportedly capable of upscaling its resolution. However, it’s understandable why gamers might choose to pass over the Series S when thinking of future-proofing their hardware.

What About PlayStation?

PS5 Digital Edition
(Source: PlayStation)

Comparing the PS5 to the Series S, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition is still out of stock worldwide. In fact, retailers are warning that existing PS5 pre-orders may be delayed until 2021.

This would seem to confirm that next-gen adopters are prioritizing power over price. Even the console’s lack of disk drive isn’t enough to dissuade users from purchasing.

Of course, this could simply be due to the demand for PS5s being greater than that of the Xbox altogether. The PS5 has its strongest launch lineup ever and Xbox is certainly lacking in that department.

Those who are eager to get their hands on Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales or the changes to Spider-Man Remastered will be set on buying the PS5, no matter the wait.

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