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Xbox Series S May Be a 1080p Console, Instead of the 1440p Promised

When the Xbox Series S was announced, Microsoft pitched it as a 1440p alternative to the Series X. Now, new reports indicate that the Series S may be a 1080p device after all.

The Xbox Series S is Microsoft’s budget next-gen console. Boasting lightning-fast loading times, a powerful 8-core CPU, and 4 Teraflops of graphical capability, the device is certainly a step up from the Xbox One.

This cheap next-gen console retails at just $299, and the price is enough to wow any gamer. Yes, the Series S can only output visuals at 1440p, rather than the Xbox Series X’s 4K, but it’s a steal for the price point.

Xbox Series S Box Art
(Source: Microsoft)

However, it appears that the claims of upgraded resolution might be overstated. According to new reports, the Xbox Series S may be a 1080p console, after all.

Xbox Series S May Be 1080p, Instead of 1440p

Now that we have more details on upcoming next-gen titles, it’s clear that the Series S isn’t much for 1440p resolution.

In a recent announcement, Epic Games’ popular battle royale revealed its plans for next-gen consoles. Despite the Xbox Series X boasting 4K at 60 FPS, the Series S will only run Fortnite at 1080p.

Series S Size
(Source: Microsoft)

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is another disappointing Series S title. The Japanese open-world RPG will run at 1440p on Series S, but only at 30 FPS.

Those wanting to up the frame rate to 60 FPS must drop their resolution to a miserable 900p. It’s not the next-gen that players were expecting, that’s for sure.

The Verge’s Tom Warren believes that the Xbox Series S will mostly be a 1080p console. The Senior Editor indicates that the goal is far more realistic for developers to hit than 1440p.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. Warren points out that many Series S owners will be using a 1080p TV after all.

It’s worth noting that frame rates of up to 120 FPS at 1080p is still impressive. In fact, it’s a huge improvement over current-gen consoles.

Those used to a launch day PS4 and Xbox One are still going to see tremendous results when plugging in the device. After all, many current-gen console games run at 30 FPS, and many struggle to even maintain that.

But it’s not what many players were expecting when they pre-ordered the upcoming device. We’ll have to wait for individual reports to drop with the console, but it’s looking like disappointing news for Xbox Series S fans.

This could explain why Xbox Series S stock levels were still available long after the Series X sold out. Those buying a new console are prioritizing next-gen power over price.

Perhaps we’ll get a more in-depth look at the Xbox Series S on Microsoft’s launch day livestream. Of course, the Xbox Series X will be the focus of the company’s promotional efforts, but the budget console is sure to make an appearance too.