Development for the next-generation Xbox console is well underway and picking up momentum now, according to President Sarah Bond.

The Xbox Series X and S released back in November 2020, three and a half years ago. Therefore, judging by the lifespan of previous consoles, we are around the halfway mark for this console generation.

As console development is a very lengthy process, it’ll be no surprise that Xbox has begun developing its next-generation device already.

Xbox teased its next-gen console back in February, and now the company’s President, Sarah Bond, has revealed more about its development of this upcoming system in an internal company email.

Image of the top of the Xbox Series X glowing green

Xbox is Currently Developing its Next-Gen Console

Windows Central obtained an internal email from Xbox President Sarah Bond, which revealed more about the company’s upcoming plans.

In addition to the news that Xbox is setting up a team dedicated to preserving games, Bond also shared some information about the next-generation Xbox console’s development. She wrote:

“We are moving full speed ahead on our next generation hardware, focused on delivering the biggest technological leap ever in a generation.”

The information about the next-gen Xbox being a huge leap from the Xbox Series X is just a reiteration of what was said in February. However, “moving full speed ahead” on the next console is very exciting news for Xbox fans.

While rumors have suggested that the next generation of Xbox consoles will release in 2028, Bond’s statement hints it could arrive earlier than that.

Of course, consoles take a very long time to develop and manufacture, but the process beginning now is a sign that Xbox is firmly looking into the future with its planning already.

Although any reveal of a next-gen Xbox is at least a couple of years away, the company may still announce some more hardware before then. An all-digital Series X may drop later this year, and there are still rumors of a handheld Xbox console too!

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