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Xbox Working On More Narrative Games Than Ever Before

In a new interview, Phil Spencer confirms that Xbox is working on more narrative games than ever before.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a big increase in the number of games being released as a live service. There are certainly more than a few advantages to the process.

After all, Call of Duty titles can get away with launching with only a small handful of maps, delivering the rest of the content over the course of a year. Microsoft’s own Sea of Thieves has a similar business model, releasing a fairly barebones title and adding regular updates to bolster the game’s lifespan.

But many gamers miss the days of traditional narrative-focused experiences, something that Xbox is making a priority. When it comes to the next generation of Xbox gaming, expect a strong focus on story and single-play adventures.

(Source: Xbox)

And although Xbox is adding seasonal content to Halo Infinite later this year, it looks as though the company knows that not every game should be live service.

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Phil Spencer Confirms More Narrative Games Coming to Xbox

In a new interview with The Guardian, Xbox head Phil Spencer talks about the future of narrative games on Series X/S consoles.

With Sony paving the way with story-driven experiences like The Last of Us, Spider-Man, and God of War, Microsoft’s focus has been on cross-platform, connected gaming. But that could all change in the near future, it seems.

When asked about whether Xbox can still make room for “traditional forms of narrative games on the Xbox Series X”, Spencer had this to say:

“I think we’re probably building more of those now than we’ve been in the history of Xbox,” Phil Spencer confirms. “Platform holders, whether that platform is subscription or a hardware device or a store, are actively investing in new and probably more risky things, because, if it works, we get value out of bringing players into the ecosystem.”

With Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda, we’ve got new single-player experiences heading to Xbox from the acclaimed developer. And it looks like Bethesda games are exclusive to Xbox and PC, moving forward.

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(Source: Bethesda)

But it’s certainly true that building an all-in-one single-player narrative experience is more of a risk than ever before right now. After all, as we enter the next-generation of gaming, projects require more time and resources than ever to make it to the finish line.

And if the game doesn’t perform well at market, that spells a financial disaster for your company. On the other hand, selling an incomplete game like Cyberpunk 2077 with the expectation that you can fix the game after launch doesn’t work so well either.

Could xCloud Help Xbox’s Upcoming Games?

To help creators bring their visions to Xbox platforms, it looks as though Xbox will make good use of its xCloud functionality.

“When we can stream to any device – a PC, or could be a phone – we can really look at how we make more of these kinds of early access [experiences], even as a funding model for creators sometimes,” the Xbox boss confirms. “I think it can open up a tighter relationship between creator and consumer … Creators are a huge focus for us right now.”

What’s also interesting is that games on Xbox Game Pass are still selling incredibly well. It seems that boosting a game’s player base by making it available on the subscription service isn’t reducing interest in player purchases.

Halo Infinite
(Source: 343 Industries)

The Xbox boss also revealed more about the Series X/S shortage and limited edition consoles recently. Meanwhile, a new interview teases more details about The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield.

Speaking of Bethesda games, there are big discounts on these Bethesda titles for all Xbox players. And Phil Spencer reveals that an end to Xbox One support is coming.

Thankfully, we hear that the Xbox Series X/S shortage is almost over, according to Microsoft.

(Source: The Guardian)

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