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Do You Need Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus for Diablo 4?

When it comes to battling demons in Diablo IV, will you need to pay to play?

Diablo 4 has a staggering amount of online content for players to enjoy, which has likely led many to wonder whether you’ll need a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Fortunately, Blizzard has given an official answer on the topic, which may leave some fans a little angry.

Does Diablo 4 Require PS+ or Xbox Live Gold?

Yes, you need PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold in order to play Diablo 4. This includes playing it solo, in couch co-op mode, and of course online multiplayer.

Regardless of what content you do, or if you opt to not engage with the social aspects of the game, you will still need a PS+ or Xbox Live Gold subscription.

This was not the case for the Beta, outside of Germany. However, it was specified back then that players would need a PS+ or Xbox Live Gold subscription for the full launch.

Of course, as a result, players will need to be constantly online. However, Blizzard has confirmed that you can play solo and the rewards you get for doing so.

It has been confirmed by both the original Diablo 4 Beta blog post, as well as by a Reddit user who personally contacted Blizzard Support.

Diablo 4 co-op

However, if you want to play Diablo 4 in couch co-op, only the primary user of the console is required to have a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription. Any additional users can play without a subscription.

Both a basic PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold subscription will cost you $9.99/£6.99 a month on top of the $70/£60 cost of Diablo 4.

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