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Xbox Leak Reveals Microsoft’s Next Potential Acquisition and Exclusives Games

The latest leak from a Microsoft insider suggests the company has other developers in their sights for acquisition. This could lead to more Xbox exclusives coming our way.

Microsoft is aggressively expanding at the moment; the company recently acquired Bethesda and has expressed interest in other publishers/developers. They have allegedly approached large companies like EA, Ubisoft, and even (hilariously) Nintendo.

However, before it was official, nobody thought Microsoft would purchase a company of Bethesda’s size. Something which will change the landscape of gaming forever once the effects become apparent. – So anything could happen.

The Xbox One suffered due to its lack of first-party exclusive games when compared to the PS4. Microsoft is keen for that not to happen to the Xbox Series X, and their acquisition of classic studios will help them secure more exclusive games.

Dying Light 2

For example, the acquisition of Bethesda/ZeniMax could potentially lead to games like The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Doom, and Wolfenstein could all become Xbox exclusives. While it’s unlikely that they all will, you can bet your bottom dollar that some of these titles will become Xbox exclusives eventually.

If they don’t, then what would be the point of the buyout? The only question is which franchises will inevitably form part of Microsoft’s exclusive strategy?

The Bethesda acquisition was essential to this strategy. Bethesda games are incredibly popular, and releasing them on Xbox only will sell a lot more consoles. – At least once the console stock shortages are resolved.

Microsoft’s Next Acquisition for Xbox Series X/S

According to YouTuber Jeremy Penter, aka ACG, on his Defining Duke podcast, the next company that Microsoft is looking to acquire is Techland. This was corroborated on Twitter on industry insider Shpeshal Ed.

If correct, this would make the upcoming Dying Light 2 sequel a possible Xbox exclusive title. It would also allow Microsoft to exclusively release other future Techland games on the Xbox Series X/S.

Take these rumors with a pinch of salt, as Techland and Microsoft are yet to say anything official about their potential arrangement. But it does make sense for both companies, commercially speaking.

It would allow Techland to benefit from Microsoft’s massive infrastructure and give Xbox a popular new exclusive. Something they sorely need.

xbox series x

Even a recent rumor of Microsoft working on a new Halo game turned out to be Halo Infinite. A title the world already knew about.

Microsoft has been quite vocal about its intention to purchase other studios as part of its strategy going forward. Therefore, expect more news regarding further acquisitions in time. We have a feeling they’re just getting started.

The Xbox Series X and Series S are both exceptional consoles, but more exclusive titles would really help give them an edge over the PS5.

Sony’s PS5 recently won a 4K movie test between itself and the Xbox Series X. And the PS5 DualSense has inspired Xbox to rethink their own controller.

Speaking of the Xbox Series X controller, it has a secret feature that could be very important to the future of the Xbox brand.

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